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I'm a little nerdy/punkish i guess :P Erm, I love yaoi and anime/manga in general. I'm really lacking in social skills and art skills so... :D I laugh because I'm stupid
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    Savvy >:D
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bushy tail *A*
WTF= whales that fly
just a doodle i made during class yesterday xP i'm having an art block kind of.
Also i couldn't remeber if pegasus had a horn...
WTF=whales that fly
:D aww he's so cute! And he has a bunny collection!
:DDDDD i actually got comments!! yay! :D i haven't slept in 2 days you may thank starbucks for the hyper spazms
yay :D *dancey dance* now off to plot an evil... i mean create a character >.> i had one but my sister deleted it D:< waha! i'm hyped up :P Very prettyful picture btw
xD i'm a girl and i dress like a guy most the time and because of that they either thin i AM a guy or i'm a lesbian but really i'm neither :D. I like this comic HAPPY NEW YEAR!!
a character from another collab i joined xD his eyes are whacked up but anyway, happy new year!!!
i'm sorry all my picturess are so big xP but this is a somewhat better picture of joey although his eyes are whacked up o__0 critism or tips on using a tablet anyone?
is it too late to put in an application :'( i really wanna join this collab
sorry this looks so crappy XP i just got a tablet and there's no scanner here soo.. Well, this is Joey :D i drew him kind of chibi-ish that;s why his head is so huge. I'll draw a better picture and scan it when i get back home :D
i want to join :D is it to late to send in an application?
Thanks Negative Zero :D I got a bamboo and yes the button on the side is really annoying Dx Thanks for the tips
ah i always forget things last minute xP I've never actually seene a real violin so.. I improvised :) that's would explain why it looks like crap
i got a tablet ofr x-mas but sadly the only drawing program i have is PAINT!! But here's the best i could come up with v__v Tis' Vanya before she become all evil from Umbrella Academy. No I'm not obsessed with Gerard Way of MCR i'm obsessed with Gabriel Ba :D ya know the one who did basically all of the drawing for Umbrella Academy ^___^ my rant is over. Any tips on tablet drawing? Critism is welcome :)
P.S sorry for making it so big XP i'll try to fix that
As if anyone rembers me Dx. I've only posted one other thing besides this :P but i got 2 F's and got kicked out of my algebra class for goofing off sooo i was grounded for a long time. I feel like a loser...but anyway, this is a little character i made for my friend CAL's story (not on smackjeeves) and happens to be alot like my friend Mr. C. "Candy" Cain xD if you only new....Byez <(^___^)>
i want to join! :3 can someone tell me how? (still kinda n00bish here) but i won't be in contact with a scanner till around monday... but iwant so badly to join. haha sorry for the really long comment
xD also please ignore the little message in the top corner. apparently my friends like to write lies on my books >.>.... *coughkenedycough*
my comp was down for 2 weeks and i got on today and i can finally put up my picutres :D yippee! well this is kind of a self portait except the thinness and the actually wearing a skirt :/ haha i'm on my 3rd cup of coffee trying to stay awake!! bye C: