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Quick overviews:

The Xiervy- Fantasy-based...about kemonomimi, Gods, and everything that happens when 2 people from different worlds decide that they've been gypped in life. I warn that this comic has just about everything.

Distant Calls- (co-authored with Toma-chan)
Boy Love Warning! About two teenagers who discover that their past lives have been more entwined than they believed.

To Please The Dark Lord- (co-authored with Marufan)
Boy Love Warning! Supernatural, about deities.
Sorry about the confusion! This is indeed the first page of Chapter 2...Momo's having a flashback in the form of a nightmare. He's currently living with Leo and his mom. It was a confusing transition, I apologize.
Some Editing
Pages 1-10 of the Xiervy have been edited, the biggest edit is page 5. Due to a computer crash, I lost the completed page 11. It was most disheartening. However, since I had to re-make page 11, I figured I should fix up the pages before it as well. Feel free to go back and look at the new 5 until page 11 is completed once more.
*throws up a quick distraction and runs for her life*

Again, I apologize! The new page is in the works, but unfortunately chaos has struck me hard as I've gotten into a car accident for the first time!! D: Luckily no broken bones, but plenty of soreness and bruises. And poor Toma's still up to her neck in schoolwork and other such obligations., I share with you another personal favorite image of mine drawn by the wonderful Toma!

- Michi
Do forgive!

Toma's out of town this week and my week was eaten up by a big project that was more pressing!

Here's some Gyro and Kane in the meantime...hope they hold you over a little! I do adore those two.

- Michi

samanthasdog1231- They've been together for a very long time. If we manage to finish Distant Calls as planned, their story will be next in line!
LMAO! Epic water? XD
Detective Kane and his manager Gyro.


samanthasdog1231: Toma and I are always pleased to hear that about Gyro and Kane! :D
Gyro and Kane have finally been introduced to Distant Calls! XD

bucky-b- Thank you!
Hang in there, Momo. And, much like Toma, I'm so psyched that we got to the detectives.
Dat Cat...
That cat is guaranteed tuna for life.
Solid organic waste has collided with the Rotational Air Circulation Device?


Cantstopcrazy- Poor Momo has been going through a lot, hasn't he? :( Only those that have gone through great suffering can appreciate great joy, and this little guy certainly deserves joy in the end.
I am SO SO sorry this page took so long. Poor Toma has been waiting as long as everyone had to for this one. ^^" Life became utterly chaotic in my neck of the woods. :( But, Toma and I are going to charge forward to finish chapter 2 soon! Our favorite characters are just around the corner~


samanthasdog1231: She should have her first appearance either by the end of chapter 2 or in the beginning of chapter 3. :D Thanks for all of your input! We both look forward to your comments.
FFFFfffffffffffffttttt this page is gorgeous~ I love it! Way better than what I pictured.
Hee hee. "Muchacho" XD
Waaaaaaa she's so CUTE!! I love it!
Oh dear. And her parents wanted her to study there!?
Wow, such lovely and delicate details on the dress~ Thank you for all your comments on The Xiervy! When you mentioned cat ears, I couldn't help but want to read this comic too! ^.^

Zahara: Hello!
Kei: Oh, my blessed Zoultar!
Zahara: If you have not recognized me...I am Zahara.
Tyzius: Make it quick!
Toryat: *snort* Does it matter that we waste his time?
Zahara: The reason for my visit is- *GASP! SQUEAL!*


Ninja Kitten XP: Nope! I'd be the one dead if I didn't continue working on this one! ^^" The writers are very passionate about seeing it completed.

Bucky-B: Feels good to be back. Glad you're enjoying the scenes so far! :3
Whew. Barely made it. Had to work on this page on my own this week. ^^" Hope it came out alright, all things considered.

samanthasdog1231- Thank you very much! The last panel gave me a bit of trouble, so I'm glad it came out alright! :3
We've put up the mature warning from here on out due to violence and language!
--------, have I told you how amazing you are lately, toma? XD I love the coloring on this so much!!

To those that are wondering...except for the cover pages, Toma and I have been taking turns drawing and coloring the comic pages! ^-^ Before, we used to draw and color each page individually. Now, one person draws and inks and the other colors and then we swap. I like our combined efforts loads more!