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Forgot to upload this originally, hence the 11.5 >.<
A master in her element
@artofjoe: The corn bois are a joy to write
I clearly went all out on the writing this time around
Mavis does knows the "a bag" :0
Of course nod

Also made a short animation about the sun and a sheep this week here :D :
@IronDog: Doh :D

I'm biased but I'd say your son has good taste
Mavis is very aware of her comic's running gags, whether or not she's been present for any of their prior instances
Bertrand was the last detective they hired to try and solve this issue
Mavis knows a place where 11$ can buy like 2 burritos
@artofjoe: Either would require announcing it to the whole train I guess
Mavis knows how to work a crowd
Pulling no punches as always
Clyde would never wear that hat
Mavis actually minored in plausible disguises back in her college days
@artofjoe: I can only hope this chapter qualifies as both a mystery and a mystery that involves trains
Every great detective knows the suspiest clues come pre-numbered

Also happy day off things to my fellow statesiders :D
The Corn Bois are the DEFINITION OF SMOOTH