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Mavis knows a place where 11$ can buy like 2 burritos
@artofjoe: Either would require announcing it to the whole train I guess
Mavis knows how to work a crowd
Pulling no punches as always
Clyde would never wear that hat
Mavis actually minored in plausible disguises back in her college days
@artofjoe: I can only hope this chapter qualifies as both a mystery and a mystery that involves trains
Every great detective knows the suspiest clues come pre-numbered

Also happy day off things to my fellow statesiders :D
The Corn Bois are the DEFINITION OF SMOOTH
Meet the Corn Bois
Oh boy
Oh boy oh boy oh boy

Made this a while ago (hence the stupidly low effort numbering job), back on the Monday-Friday updates come Monday :D

Thanks again to everyone who checked out the short film I made about Penelope (here if you missed it: ).
Hey y'all! Thanks for ya patience, It's been a hell of a month or 2 here but things have finally calmed down quite a bit :D

I just finished up a short movie about Penelope (the magnificent head of lettuce and prime suspect in chapter two and in the above screen grab) which you can see here:

Mavis will be returning in a week or two here and I'll hopefully will have the chapter 3 cover up by next Friday!
@awsmith: OH THANK :D

Glad you enjoyed it, it's a ball to make! And yeah, a mixture of studies, friends and being somewhat well traveled me ha enseñado un poquito.
YYYYY asi se termina el capítulo!

Thanks for following this comic y'all, it's a silly thing but I really do enjoy making this :)

That said, Mavis'll taking a bit of a break for the next month or so for personal reasons (moving, starting new job, etc). Already have most of chapter 3 written and I'm really itching to get started on it once I'm back :D

Take care!
By "jail" the captain is referring to the town's "Room where we put people who commit the crimes that we don't lock because Darryl broke the lock so please don't just leave if we put you in here" room.

It's a fool proof system.
Holy crap this captures a drill site too perfectly XD