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Thanks for reading book three y'all! If all goes right, I should have the cover for the next chapter up either Friday or next Monday :)

Y'all are awesome, thanks for your nice words and all that!
You all remember that case right?? What a nuts case

SIIIIDE NOTE, I just finished a short movie in which mavis makes the quickest cameo (~2:19)

...also I think the movie is pretty good but I'll acknowledge my bias

All very plausible explanations
@artofjoe: They're so innocent, like clearly the bad guys in the story arc (i think?) but oh so innocent
This is a very common problem when hopping trains
Getting away from the dialogue heavy start to this chapter :0

From now on How to solve the crimes is a no-frills action comic, Mavis from here on out will be referred to, verbatim, as "Action Mavis, star of the Action Comic How to Solve the Crimes, with added ACTION"
*comment noise*
Forgot to upload this originally, hence the 11.5 >.<
2:33 is the time, the time, now, to see
What do you mean "you keep forgetting to draw glasses"
A master in her element
@artofjoe: The corn bois are a joy to write
I clearly went all out on the writing this time around
Mavis does knows the "a bag" :0
Of course nod

Also made a short animation about the sun and a sheep this week here :D :
@IronDog: Doh :D

I'm biased but I'd say your son has good taste
Mavis is very aware of her comic's running gags, whether or not she's been present for any of their prior instances
Bertrand was the last detective they hired to try and solve this issue
Mavis knows a place where 11$ can buy like 2 burritos