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@IronDog: Only from my multiple years of highly relevant experience.
Friends are for positive affirmation
Never a bad time to punch the clock
@artofjoe: I appreciate the interest dude! This is the only project I've got at the moment, but I've got a lot of old stuff that hasn't aged particularly well on youtube if you really wanted more things :0
@artofjoe: Everyone else seems pretty convinced... which makes this an even bigger deal :0
Oh hot diggity dang it
It is important to be reminded what the purpose of a trophy box is. I had to google it like 38 times, twice.

Also, also! Love y'all, thanks for reading and the nice words!
Oh you, gee willickers, Gary
@artofjoe: Thank you for the nice words! :D
If only this happened every time you thought someone was being a total dick but you needed a second opinion to be really sure
This is Penelope, you'll learn about her shortly

Also I realize this uploaded late, perdoname -.-
Mavis knows a classic Johannes Gutenpaper 1632 vellum when she sees it

SPEAKING OF WHICH, the official How to Solve the Crimes Vellum Parchment Pack™ is now available on our Amazon store!! Check it out:
AYYYY!!! That's the end of Chapter 1!! WOAHHH!!

Tune in Friday!!, I'll be posting the cover for Chapter 2 :0!!

Also that's the last of the 3 a week updates, I'm an adult and I gotta make sure life stuff still keeps happening.

Peace and thanks for reading, friends <3
In the excitement following the case, I forgot which unit of time was which

Side Note! HOLY COW! It's a Wednesday update!!

Like many peeps, I occaisionally am way ahead of my updates, so like... 3 updates a week till the end of the chapter? Not actually sure but that sounds good and stuff