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Mavis knows a classic Johannes Gutenpaper 1632 vellum when she sees it

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In the excitement following the case, I forgot which unit of time was which

Side Note! HOLY COW! It's a Wednesday update!!

Like many peeps, I occaisionally am way ahead of my updates, so like... 3 updates a week till the end of the chapter? Not actually sure but that sounds good and stuff
Mr Goggles and Swim Trunks may be the most effort I've ever put into character development
For those who've been paying attention, I've been hinting at this THE WHOLE TIME
Dammit this made me teary eyed, beautiful story, lovely art :)
Every page of this is beautiful :D
This is gorgeous.
They practiced this move by staring at pictures of each other's elbows for 11 hours
You only learn this trick through years of detectiving professionally
This department deals with only the most prolific criminals
Mr Tshirt salesman is really the sweetest, he does not deserve such inconveniencing :(
Speaking of Shirty T's
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This Must be the T-Shirt Store
(Naive Melody)
Mavis' phone requires the added antennae as the lead bricks she carries in her bag block most signals
Mavis believes in carrying with oneself all that one might want in any given 3 hour period