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Thanks so much for reading this silly comic y'all

This is the last page I'll be posting for How to Solve the Crimes, but you might see Mavis in some future projects! I might also post here every once in a while with some updates for other things I'm working on :)

If you want to keep up with what I'm working on, follow me on the other things! (I haven't posted a lot here but I'm planning to)
Actually got a little teary making this chapter y'all :*)
Doh! Thanks dude, always appreciate your comments!

I keep meaning to read charming! It’d be interesting to see if our styles blend well.
@artofjoe: I feel like I've done what I set out to do with the comic when I first started it. I've loved making this comic, it's just kinda run its course for me
Captain is known for underreacting to things I'm told

Also made a short animation!
We all forget how to door some days
Changes be a comin'
Egg is more important than professional carpentry, dude
@artofjoe: They're definitely the hardest to write
Everyone knows it takes more than a pretty clear death scene to take out a villain in this universe

EDIT: ALSO I'm gonna be traveling now through next week and forgot to do buffer >.<

I'll miss Monday but Friday's update will be worth the wait I the promise y'all.

Total side note, finished up a some music for another animated movie I'm working on, check it out if you're into that ^.^
Dragon owners go through this all the time
What a page... full of difficult things to draw
Steve is always doing that thing, man
@artofjoe: They have other places where they are needed while also on fire
Sticking to the important details
Dragons are magical creatures
Lil' reminder/shameless plug...

You can see these two in a movie I made last year here:

(This is the last time I'm plugging this, I promise :D... But I will never cease to post links to purchase our awesome book, on Amazon now here: )