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Mavis' plan is to just walk around and have things happen. It's usually pretty effective
Always business with these two
Always tip folks, except when they burn everything you own, then you don't need to unless they do a really good job of it
The classic Poke the face, Bob Ross also to the face
Aghh! I love this so much!!

I love the pallete you chose for this, thanks secret santa :)

I'm traveling for a bit but I'll be back next week with new comics!

Take care of yo selves know you're appreciated <3
Treat yo admins better than this y'all
It only makes too much sense really
@artofjoe: I can roll with that :D
Support yo public libraries y'all
Mavis never actually learned to read analog clocks, but she assumed correctly here
Not the happiest with how the colors played out on this one, still learning how to do night shading with water color
I love drawing these two
I flipping love the concept of this comic, you've got such a depth going here at just 12 pages. I'm honestly jealous of your story writing skills.
It is so very okay
remember when moving to give the box people your correct place numbers
Trying to bring more box positive narratives to the modern literary canon

New book starts next week, it involves this lil' bean /\/\/\

Also, also in case you missed it, I posted a short movie last week about a giant bagel, Mavis makes the briefest of cameos!

Really excited about this one, I honestly feel like the last book got a lil' jumbly as I was playing around with the art style and also "bottle episodes" are kinda limiting >.<