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Forest page.
She's serious about her exercise.
Shhhhh. Don't jinx it.
The page where nobody talks on-camera.
IN THIS PAGE: The back of Izzie's head.

See you all Monday, hopefully.
His love for his daughter is as exquisite as his cheekbones.
Sorry for the unexpected two-month break! I burned my hand pretty badly, and I've been sort of running to keep up with living a one-handed life since then. Anyways, we're back to our old pace, so enjoy! I guess she likes the new place?

Sorry I missed an update, school starts tomorrow and I had to get ready. I'm hoping that I can keep up with the bi-weekly updates, but the upcoming semester may force me to cut it back to only updating once a week. We'll see how it goes. I sort of want to get this story moving along, since it's a bit slow by it's very nature, and updating only once a week will only hinder that further. We'll see what happens.
There's more of it on the other side.
Mmph. Very tired. Sleep now. See you all friday.
Oh my god so much talking. I promise to stop this silly text-heavy nonsense soon, but I'm a bad writer and exposition-dump and aaaaaaaaaa . . .

I'll stop. See you guys Monday.
Sorry this is half an hour late. I stepped out to go see "Daybreakers" and wound up coming home a lot later than I expected. Won't happen again.

On another note, it's funny the things I notice AFTER I post a page. For instance, I guess Izzie's parents just don't like wearing seat belts. Better hope her mom is a good driver! :D
Whoops, what story were you guys reading? This comic is about bored little girls.
A title page! Sorry it wasn't up earlier, my computer was being a poop.
And that's it for Chapter 0! See you all on Friday for the start of Chapter 1.
In case you didn't get the memo, I'm moving to a new site. It is my own site, and although it looks a little drab at the moment, it will be all pretty and the works in a jiffy.

Also if you go there, please post a comment to let me know that you found the place. I have tried to set up a pageview counter and failed so far, as this html thingy is rather foreign to me. So, I don't know when people have found the place and when they haven't. And since I want to close down this free site in just a week or two, finding the new site is important.
i think that this "Waterlogged" thing will run until maybe Christmas. After that I think I will return completely to traditional media.

Out of curiosity, what would you guys think about a painted comic? Like an oil painting?
Well this is up. But it's not really done, per se. However, I've gotten sick of looking at at it, so I'm gonna finish it up as fast as possible.

I imagine that the second part will be up on Tuesday or Wednesday, and the last part toward the end of the week.
She actually did quote Jesus. I quote a lot of people in this comic.