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I am obssessed with manga and have always wanted to make my own.

I have loads of art on DA and sometimes post random comics there to Only just learned how to pose charcters in 2008.

Love digital painting.
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@Elona: Sorry for my late reply.

I have but I wasn't a fan of the site and it's setup. I have an extremely hard time getting noticed anywhere. I am however redoing this comic on Tapas. I have been working on this story for 4 years and almost given up on it. Maybe one day I'll upload there but not any time soon for the lack of interest this comic has had on other multiple sites
@Elona: Thanks a lot! That really means a lot! I had given up on this comic. I thought no one was reading it.
Lol after reading this I kept hitting next like D8 NEXT NEXT!! XD Great so faaaaar <3
Yaaay! Finally got the next page done. I have the next one sketched and ready.
@codehimi: nawww you're welcome *hugs* <3
I love just about everything about this page! The tones look sooo gooooood!
Sorry for the delay
Next update is on hiatus until further notice.
New page coming in a week or two
Pages will still be updated sporadically.
Updates will be spontaneous until further notice
October 7th, 2013
New Page
I'm not sure when the next page update will come but I'm working on it.
October 2nd, 2013
Sorry it took so long. Long story short, tablet troubles. Got a new one, new pages coming soon. Slowly but soon.
March 24th, 2013
I skipped page 2 until it's completed more properly but it's just legal notices of copyright. This is the real first page of story and writting
March 24th, 2013
I'll be incredibly slow at updating this comic after page 5 and I apologise
Sorry I took so long
Sorry I took so horribly long to upload this. But I finally got the cover made
sorry for the double comment, but love your expressions <3

*waits patiently*

Your comic is awesome and your drawing a toning is getting more and more awesome with each page <3
I love the angry face far left epic! Going awesome. Geez, I can't believe it. 75+ pages. You're a trooper
November 30th, 2012
@wicked kisameru: thanks
December 12th, 2011
@Jennycah: Thank you T^T I had a lot of trouble with that angle but I tried <3 Appreciate ur words a lot <3
December 12th, 2011
@BandaintBandaid: XD me too <3