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I must say, this makes no sense at all. I like it. Fav'd
Can I join please?
HAPPY... you know what, just read your other birthday comic. I'm too tired.
I'd try to,but I'd probably kill too many jokes.
I'm a year and 15 days late, but happy birthday!
you know there is a fanfic on that explains this. Just look for 'Team Galactic Oneshots'.

...You have to be 18 though. Or at least know about thebirds and the bees.
It would've have been really funny if someone said: "Fried Swellow! I found my dinner!"
Do you have X-2?
The pineapple is a bomb! It says so in Bloons tower defense 3!
Sounds nice. And yet, weird and wrong.
July 4th, 2009
You guys sound like my friends. You're all odd in your own ways.
I think I know.
Never show Koopas movies
Their tiny brains think it's real.
Why does Bowser have a statue of Kirby???
It's just plain odd...
Bowser just got a new window on his ship.
It's why they always have coins when you beat them.
I'm sue that line's been used in 8-bit theater.
June 29th, 2009
Tails has a new phychairitrist bud.
I did that once. It pissed my friend off.