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Likes: Egypt, anime Gackt, Hyde, Miyavi, HIM, a verity of music. Oldies to mordren. fantasy, occult (to a degree), I like to draw, read and write.

Dislikes: Homophobes, animal and human abusers, most rap music, people who take the fun out of things

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WOW!!! I actually did a new page!!! Yay? So okay the two guys in the first panel are my brother (standing) and his friend Josh (sitting-duh). Why did I draw them? I dunno. Nutten better to do I suppose.

Please do not be offended by the Spanish guy in the traditional dance wear. If I did a German he would have been wearing lederhosen. I just wanted it to be obvious where he was from. Which is why Skye saying "Oh! Looks like I'm in Spain" (technically over) funny. So it was in no way mean to be offensive. (Some people get that way for some reason.) Yeah so if you can't read what she says in map image there you go. Anyways I'll try to update again soon.

Next page will show where she's landed. Stay tuned!

EDIT: For the record, Skye does not speak Spanish. But for the fun of it whenever the main cast of Improvise are in a different country they all speak that language. It saves on having to have the characters hire a translator or go off and have someone who speaks Spanish or Japanese or whatever speaking English since that is my language. It'd be the equivalent to like a comic written by someone who doesn't speak English and would write it in their own language. So you could say that page or part (if I could) would be written by someone else. If that makes sense) It makes it more fun and interesting I think.
So you know Skye is facing East. That's the same direction I face at work. But this is her right side. And don't make fun of my Pentagon. I lost internet connection while working on this and well...improvised it. And I'm too lazy to fix it. So yes, Skye is being blown East. And if you can't read what her sign says it says: Mmmm...Little Caesar's Pizza.
Sorry it took me so long to update. And I know the bg is ugly. T.T -sigh- I fail.

Yes, believe it or not I actually do this for work. Can't tell you what I get paid though. It's cool; I get paid just for bouncing around, dancing and waving at ppl. I was going to add the link to the newspaper articel, but it won't come up. Sucks. Yes I was in the news paper. Maybe later I'' scan my copy and post it in my scraps in my da page and then link it. That is if I can find my paper. lol
Half the cast
-- Sorry been so long. Nothins been comming to me . The story's called improvise because that's what the characters basically do. They improvise on life. I am not improvising. Anyways I miss placed the other half to this so for now you only see Nanashi, Sky and Mother-in-law. Mother-in-law is a hand puppet lovingly inspired by an episode from the Carol Burnnet Show. In the episode Tim Conway is a Nazi soldier and he pulls out a Hitler puppet. It's hillarious. And I was so inspired I wanted Skye to have a hand puppet of her own so I gave her Mother-in-law.Hopefully I can find the other half to this.
YAY!!! PAGE TEN! SOOO HAPPEH!!! Poor Nanashi. ^^;
I had to leave off the glasses on the first panel and the fourth because it looked weird.
Gee…I wonder what Sky will do come my 20th? XD Hee!
They fell down a flight of stairs fighting is all. Nanashi isn't seriously as hurt as looks. Sky has a cousin who's a doctor and he went a little bandage happy. No worries. Mostly sprains and bruises. Maybe one broken bone, but about it.
I just noticed in the last panel sky's mouth is smugged badly. Fix it when I can.
Woops! I forgot Pet at the end of Terrian's first sentance. CURSES! T.T I'll edit it next time I'm at the library.

Any ways no Melicous is not misspelled. That's a friend of mine's dragon/cat character hybrid's name. We call her Mel or Melic for short.

Bet you're wondering where Sky and Nanashi are. :D They'll probably make an appearance next page.
This one is my shortest so far. So you know Terrian in the last panel is scratching his back. I was gonna make it look as if he was scratching his ass, but decided quickly against it. XP
Any ways it seemed funny at the time to just have Tabun just stand there reading.
Hee! Sky disturbs Nanashi's sleep. Poor Nanashi, his/her glasses popped off if you're wondering what happened. (Nanashi has no known gender, like Sky has no known hair length/color.) I don't mean The end like this is the last comic I mean it's the last of the series where I have Sky with the same hairstyle and color. It made sense when I was thinking about it.
YAY!! PAGE FIVE!! I've gotten further than the first time!
What's with the floaty eyes? It's part of the house in a way. See I forgot to mention they live in Hell Mannor and weird things happen sometimes in the house. It's based loosly off of the Groovie Ghoulies' Horrible Hall and The Munster's and the Adam's family houses. ^^ I love those houses! Sky's saying a quote I like to use in the last panel. Poor Nanashi.
I got bored! ^^ Actually it's more like lazy. And I was in the mood to do "Cartoon Eyes". I call them that cuz in the old Looney Toons cartoons when characters where in the dark sometimes they'd only show the eyes. And yes, I say Feh sometimes. It's when I can't really think of what I want to say or if I just don't want to say anything. I'm weird that way.
Hee! ^^; As most of my friends online know I have problems choosing a hairstyle and or color for a character. Sometimes even eye color. So Sky doesn't have any definate hair style/color or eye color.
Does she realize her hair and eyes change? I'm not telling. ;p
I can't believe how cute I made Sky in the last part. I really hope I can keep making her look that cute.
The original one of this (which will never be viewed again outside me) was created after hearing that song. I was listening to the radio when the song played and that's how I came up with this page. Obviously. >>; Any ways I'm not as ditzy as Sky, but like I said she's basically exagerated.
I had fun with this. The first few pages will be introductions and will show you what they do. Sky is sort of like an exagerated me. So a lot of her personality and opinions and such are basically all me.
October 16th, 2008
This is my non animated cover. Unfortunately until I get the internet at home I can't change it. Because the file won't save on my floppy disk. And I haven't had the time or money to update my computer.

But enought of that, here Sky and Nanashi are falling through a hole. Nanashi is upside down and not really caring. Sky is enjoying herself emencely.