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I'm just here to read comics :0

And I might post something if I think of a good comic OTL
finally D:
yeah man, I finally FINALLY updated. I know, I was suppose to do this like 1-2 months ago but I...Idunno

enjoy ;D I'll try again to update more but sdklfjs
the dude with the gray hair reminds me of the rabbit from alice in wonderland :D
ololol you and your spelling. awesome though, this is flowing really smoothly, and I love the art

I need to get cracking on my page rofl <__<;;;
I like this so far, a lot :DDDD omogmg
yaaay I'm excited :D

andle andle piggy~
August 2nd, 2009
a wild ALFREDO is spotted!
the birth of alfredo :'D
i added some greys to the first page so it would look better. kdfjsfrtt