A transguy who is an amateur artist and loves BL to bits (seriously, it's a problem). He tends to leave all the creative writing and plot bits to his BFF sergi_the_troll

Main project is "Other Side of the BLADE" while "HMSD" is a silly side project he f***s with from time to time.

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Touching a sore spot there Garter, watch it
@Amarok: Yeah, Garter doesn't know that though :P We haven't really touched much on the Vatican hunter/aide system in the comic yet, but many of the hunters and aides left their homes to make a difference in the lives of others. So I think here Garter is just assuming Sergius (despite his demeanor) is the same... obviously we know different :)
Sergius is surprisingly very intimidating ^^** Good thing Garter can handle himself... mostly.
@Amarok: Hope you enjoy it! :)
@Amarok: Yeah, same. I'm a sucker for slow burns :P And I love these two sooo much, they have a beautiful story to tell (sergi_the_troll is such a good writer <3), but it's a rough one.
I couldn't think of another way to do a time lapse without it being super boring XD
@IdanKoneko: He IS pissed lol He's pissed off at the Bishop, the Vatican, Garter, life... and Garter's dismissal of his knowledge is just adding fuel to the fire. (Just a warning, these two CANNOT stand each other at first. They're very opposite in their values. It will be a slow burn going on here ^^*)

But yes, knowledge is super important. I'm really not sure how Garter has made it this far in life to be honest >.> It's luck, I'm sure of it.
Wow! That one snuck up on me! I'll post the clean version in the gallery later, but thanks every so much! :D Regular update tomorrow!
@Ash2004: No, no it will not ^^** Poor boys
lol I love how annoyed Sergi looks in the bottom panel, this is the closest to what I envision him as XD
Maaaybe don't touch his books, Garter ^^**
Not digging the silent treatment
2-pager for you guys! :) Poor Garter.. I would say that looks uncomfortable, but.... it definitely looks like he could move further away if he wanted too ^^**
Finally onto the second chapter!! :) Sorry that it's just a splash page >< Next week is a 2 page spread though! :)
Resigning to his fate lol
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OMG!!! YAAAY!! :D Thanks guys!!! Hope you enjoy the photo!!
Sergius is used to people running away from him, not towards him XD
Mmmmmm Not too happy with the way Sergi's face came out here =-/
Bleah, backgrounds
OMG.... You most likely will not be getting another page like this, it was a pain in the butt to do :( Not gonna lie, totally used references because I have nooooo clue what the Vatican looks like otherwise. But this is the start of Mission I: Part I!! And with this update, updates will no go to once a week (most likely Tuesdays) so be on the look out and thanks for tuning in!! :)