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A transguy who is an amateur artist and loves BL to bits (seriously, it's a problem). He tends to leave all the creative writing and plot bits to his BFF sergi_the_troll

Main project is "Other Side of the BLADE" while "HMSD" is a silly side project he f***s with from time to time.

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@BGee93: LOL love it XD
@BGee93: Garter thinks so lol
@XxKanashiYumexX: I can't help it lol I can't stay serious XD
@BGee93: It's because he's charming and Sergius is an asshole XD
@Amarok: Sergi is very knowledgeable, but Garter is also proficient in certain areas (aka monsters... especially if he already has exp with them).

*******Minor Spoiler!!***********

If it feels kind of awkward having the two of them together even though it doesn't really seem like they need one another, that is because it's intentional :P There is a huge part of the story as to why they are put together. The first Arc is basically an intro lol
I know this has been said, but daaaaayum, he's hot when he's angry XD
@Amarok: Yes lol Fear not though, the horses will have their revenge on me yet
Sergius is not amused by this turn of events.
Oh... Garter, hun... that could have been so much sexier.
DAMN IT!! I thought I was done with the horses for a bit... I guess it's okay, only half a horse
Are we a little worried, Sergius?
That is NOT a cute laugh.
I like how Sergius is completely out of breath and Garter is like "dude... we need to get you in shape"
Apparently running (from their feels!)... for 3 panels
Garter's getting excited and then dragging Sergius into a bush, what could they be doing?!
Poor horse... you need to go for now because I suck at drawing you guys
LOL my attempt at making up a monster XD it's like part cat, part reptile, part scorpion??? IDEK
The most ginger touch they're gonna get for a few chapters... soak it up.
Apparently Sergius can't say Garters' name without puking??? It's like the only time he's said it.
Dun, dun, DUN!!!! Okay... I didn't mean to, but any time I look at the corpse, I can't help but think that it looks like the guy got his head taken off while choking the chicken...