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A transguy who is an amateur artist and loves BL to bits (seriously, it's a problem). He tends to leave all the creative writing and plot bits to his BFF sergi_the_troll

Main project is "Other Side of the BLADE" while "HMSD" is a silly side project he f***s with from time to time.

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Dun, dun, DUN!!!! Okay... I didn't mean to, but any time I look at the corpse, I can't help but think that it looks like the guy got his head taken off while choking the chicken...
Not their most flattering faces, but yaaay things are picking up a bit!
I apologize way in advance for my horrible horse anatomy XD There are a lot of horses in this comic and I can't draw them to save my life lol
Garter talks with his hands a lot
Well... he allowed contact for at least 3 seconds. ^^**
@Amarok: I know ^^** Sorry about that! I'm not very technologically savvy so I made an oops
I'm so excited to be starting this next part!! The first two parts were kind of setting up stuff.

From this point on we'll actually get a little bit of action :)
@Amarok: Sadly, there is a lot Sergi doesn't like ^^**
400 Fans!! Wow!!! Thanks a lot guys! I'll upload the gallery picture without the text later.
Touching a sore spot there Garter, watch it
@Amarok: Yeah, Garter doesn't know that though :P We haven't really touched much on the Vatican hunter/aide system in the comic yet, but many of the hunters and aides left their homes to make a difference in the lives of others. So I think here Garter is just assuming Sergius (despite his demeanor) is the same... obviously we know different :)
Sergius is surprisingly very intimidating ^^** Good thing Garter can handle himself... mostly.
@Amarok: Hope you enjoy it! :)
@Amarok: Yeah, same. I'm a sucker for slow burns :P And I love these two sooo much, they have a beautiful story to tell (sergi_the_troll is such a good writer <3), but it's a rough one.
I couldn't think of another way to do a time lapse without it being super boring XD
@IdanKoneko: He IS pissed lol He's pissed off at the Bishop, the Vatican, Garter, life... and Garter's dismissal of his knowledge is just adding fuel to the fire. (Just a warning, these two CANNOT stand each other at first. They're very opposite in their values. It will be a slow burn going on here ^^*)

But yes, knowledge is super important. I'm really not sure how Garter has made it this far in life to be honest >.> It's luck, I'm sure of it.
Wow! That one snuck up on me! I'll post the clean version in the gallery later, but thanks every so much! :D Regular update tomorrow!
@Ash2004: No, no it will not ^^** Poor boys
lol I love how annoyed Sergi looks in the bottom panel, this is the closest to what I envision him as XD
Maaaybe don't touch his books, Garter ^^**