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A transguy who is an amateur artist and loves BL to bits (seriously, it's a problem). He tends to leave all the creative writing and plot bits to his BFF sergi_the_troll

Main project is "Other Side of the BLADE" while "HMSD" is a silly side project he f***s with from time to time.

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Reaaaal mature Garter....
@Ralend: I legit laughed out loud and so hard at this XD
@YaoiGirl09: Sorry guys! I'm still a novice in comics so if you have any input as to how I might be able to make this scene more clear, please feel free to chime in! :D
@Amarok: Oooooh just wait lol Troll and I love angst... :3
Ugh, finally!!

This chapter is kind of the start of the story now... sort of. In this chapter we get to take a look at Garter and Sergius's relationship and where they stand with each other at this point in the beginning.

Thus far they really hadn't had much interaction and have had pretty neutral, bordering on negative feelings toward one another. Now we get to see the fallout from the obvious difference of opinion on life revealed in the last chapter.

Again, this is going to be a looooong ass story. Like we haven't even gotten to the start of the first Arc in Russia. There are at least 7 arcs in this story lol Bear with us.
Sorry guys! I haven't really been very vocal with you, I've been mega busy and it's getting pretty hard to dish out pages with quality. That being said, I want to progress with the story and not get held up on art stuff so I'm going to keep the 2x/ week updates, but shirk off a bit of the art stress with basic sketch outlines like this :) Hope you don't mind too much, I just really want to get to the actual story of this.
@Ralend: yup and this is where the crux of their personalities and beliefs clash. It's not pretty for a long while
ugh, my heart!!! I love these two
@Amarok: ROTFL omg if I ever learn to animate this will be the first thing that I make with those skills XD
@Karma Kay: you would be correct!
@Amarok: I have had no shortage of JP giggles when drawing these things XD
@Amarok: Sergi is a survivor :P He's not very happy to have left his library for this lol
@BGee93: LOL love it XD
@BGee93: Garter thinks so lol
@XxKanashiYumexX: I can't help it lol I can't stay serious XD
@BGee93: It's because he's charming and Sergius is an asshole XD
@Amarok: Sergi is very knowledgeable, but Garter is also proficient in certain areas (aka monsters... especially if he already has exp with them).

*******Minor Spoiler!!***********

If it feels kind of awkward having the two of them together even though it doesn't really seem like they need one another, that is because it's intentional :P There is a huge part of the story as to why they are put together. The first Arc is basically an intro lol
I know this has been said, but daaaaayum, he's hot when he's angry XD
@Amarok: Yes lol Fear not though, the horses will have their revenge on me yet
Sergius is not amused by this turn of events.