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Whoa! I haven't been on this site for what, almost 2 years? So the site's redesigned and it has comic covers now. Maybe i should start doing comics again...
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@Extremmefan: Panel 7 - The Bowser sprite in this panel is from "Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time", and the head from the said panel is also from the said game, I edited it to make him look up at the screen.

The first M&L overworld Bowser sprites (except for the battle sprites) was much too small to use anyway... :P
@AkumaTh: Ah, i see. Thanks for the advice. :3
After the elevator ride, Ness and Young Link encounter Larry Koopa ("Cheatsy" in the Mario 3 cartoon), wielding the "forbidden" magic wand...
While on the run, Ness is reading Mario's last "Plumber's Log" on a hand-held alongside Young Link...
I know who that is... :3
I'm improving the comic layout a little bit. I'm thinking about improving the talk bubbles and practicing dynamic panels for upcoming action/fight scenes.

The actual comic number is supposed to be 67... Oops!

Back on topic, Doryu's coming back!
The brainwashed kid is none other than Naughty Nau, from the Japan only PS1 fighting game Lightning Legend: Daigo no Daibouken , transports Fievel from Bacteriopolis to his world.
Nami and Pluto explains why Zeta teleported from Bacteriopolis to the Gaia Youth Detention Center.

Plus, Fievel rants about the prison's tasteless atmosphere, how terrible the food tastes, and then starts talking to a mysterious person about his life.

I guess Fievel's not alone in the cell anymore.
Zeta must've had a little fun writing Graffiti on the walls, especially if they're covered in blood, of course.
Pluto ran off after the girls noticed Nami in his civilian wear, thinking he's actually Konami Man.
Fievel overhears Zeta and the soldier talking.

Nothing major except for plot development, and the shadow of the "brainwashed kid with a hat" in the last panels...
Nighty-night, Nami and Pluto... Sweet dreams...
Good thing Pluto Nium showed up, as he helped Konami Man to Destroy the Core Car.
Happy (1 day late) New Year!

@ Last few panels: That's one beautiful portal...
Even if KM-01 lets go of the Drill Stick, it'll still be broken inside of the Core Car's remaining barriers.

And Nathan's starting to get concerned as his son's out in Gaia City where the madness continues...