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Negative Zero
Switching Profiles~

Check Artufex for Salvation and other formerly NZ comics!
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Did you think we'd still be going now?
I was hoping, and glad that it's happened.

A year and I'm still not tired of these peeps. Thanks for sticking with us, despite my [slack] updating, we appreciate it.

Speaking of us, that's yours truely on the far left and Ms. Ninjew on the far right. ['Roo and deer respectively, if you couldn't tell]

Along with Salvation's birthday, the colorist is celebrating hers, so big smiles and best wishes for both.

[Hopefully] See ya Friday.
Hmm, I've actually run out of things to say....

Main focuses of improvement for this arc:

Hey, a few quick announcements: Friday's gonna be the new update day, there's a new poll, the fanart and about pages have been updated.

Also, I apologize for my handwriting.
Someone's got a mental disorderrrr~

As per more updates, I'd say that depends on if you feel you can keep it up, if so, I'd like to see more :3
*noms cookie*
I agree with Zero, and XD I totally forgot his real name and have been calling him Napoleon for the longest time XD
@Shadow: Of course I would, you may or nay not see it up soon due to school taking away my free time, but it'll go up as soon as I see it :3 [see my comment on the last page]

@Johnny: Thanks :D

@Bucky: Yeah, you did, XD Thank you so very much :3
Sorry for the late reply XD school and homework's sucked away all of my internet time. You could PM me a link, or email at
very greatly appreciated :D

This is by Bucky-B, her comics linked below :3

Once again thanks :3
XD Nice, I love that comic :3

Also, looks like someone's in trouble...
Sorry for the lateness, PS was being a bastard. Anyway:

This arc is done :3 I'm going to be gone for an undetermined ammount of time, school, working on a buffer and other art stuff, etc, but should have something up for you guys to look at :/

So until then....
Well *that's* not good for Chaku or her baby >.>
Coming to Deluge means you're trapped forever, right? I'm assuming that's why they're surprised to see someone new. If you're trapped in the city your entire life, you'd get around to knowing pretty much everyone, right?
"I am you from the future, I came back to the past in this Dolorian a scientist dude you'll meet later will show you :D"

"Isn't that like a movie?"

"No <.< >.>"

I have no guesses that aren't cliché.

I do, however, assume they are somehow related :3
Hmm... I wonder where we're off to >.>
Nice coloring, and I think I get the reference (I just read 'Waiting for Godot' a few days ago XD)
Changed the dude's colors, since he was too dark. Also it's Rick and Alex's birthday. A year ago I drew them in their first comic, which would later evolve into what you see before you.

What a nice way he has of saying Happy Birthday.
I can guess what's coming up...