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OH... well.. I like comics? A lot? I figured I'd make an account so I can comment and fave and stuff, even though I'll probably never submit much of anything.

I really like Naruto, Death Note, FMA, Gravitation, Antique Bakery, Love*Com, and just about any shojo, yaoi, or josei manga you throw at me. Only good shonen ones, but I'm open to whatever except for sports manga. WILL NOT READ SPORTS. Even the art in Hikaru No Go couldn't turn me on to it.

I adore boys love.

I really like to read, and I'm on under Orange Sheep of the Flock. my DA is the same name as this.

Indie music fanatic. Questionable Content is my favorite webcomic.

So... what else... I'm a student... US... super- liberal... bisexual... I have three-tone hair... pink and bleached strawberry blonde and brown...

Kakashi rules?
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    Orange... I SWEARZ!
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seriously, my guffaw meter is about to hit pluto.

(let us take a moment of silence for the tragedy that is the rebuked plant)

wow, can you tell how tired I am? I like this. lots.
so far I like this verily much :D
there seems to be a problem here with there NOT BEING A PAGE 45.

I have to say, I was fond of this when it was more sketchy, but now you've got it all cleaned up and screentoned, it really looks fantastic! this is one of the best BL webcomics I've ever read :] right up there with boy meets boy and honeydew syndrome. Really.


and I really like the fact that you use several different storylines, and have a varied cast of characters in different relationships (or not in a relationship- because we've all read the doomed everybody's in love, yay, let's go eat ice cream suggestively fic/comic).

Henry is my favorite :D
I love :] next page please?

and oh, silly caleb being oblivious :D
I just read that whole thing in one go, and I'm TERRIBLY TERRIBLY impressed. You had an original plot, beautiful, clean art, fantastic use of screentones, subtle but beautiful writing, and... implied yaoi... implied almost yaoi... well... kind of almost implied intentional light yaoi with a conclusive ending and no action but still one character realizing he was in lvoe with another and....

I loved it. TO BITS. To. Bits.

and pretty fanart is pretty :D
SO far, I loves :] coloring is wonderful.
I like this :D and only the cool chicks start a journal entry with captains log.

(Picard is made of win.)

can't wait to see more!
I like this :D and only the cool chicks start a journal entry with captains log.

(Picard is made of win.)

can't wait to see more!
OH, than angst... :B Entire comic is angst. that is why it is LOVE.

Yay. Kisses make Orange's BL gland release happy..
Mmmyay. Just read the whole thing. Comic is love :D