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I'm just some regular freak with a story in his head. Likin' games, anime and rock. Most things you would find in a shut in weirdo.
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I've been gone a while and you're probably wondering why that is. Well, I've been burned out. Along with the burning out some personal things came up and along with playing an MMO, the need of wanting to make my comic sorta drained. I've been working on this comic for years now if you count my original adventure of Link(which you can find at the deviant art and around the last time I update I grew unsatisfied on how I was doing things.

The paneling, how I was drawing, how slow I worked, making backgrounds. The whole sha-bang. So I just stopped. Now, I wasn't sick of drawing(though I wasn't doing much of that either), I was sick of making my comic.

Well, some months passed and I decided to shake things up a bit. I'm sorta rebooting how I make my comic and while I'm not ready to update anytime soon, I have for the passed two months trying to improve on not only how I draw but how I make pages.

Here's a little piece of something I've actually been working on(still un-finished by the way, but you get the point):

So there's my sob story. Sorry if I disappointing anybody while I've been gone. I know I complained about this mess in the past, but I donno what else to tell ya. I got burned out, I got lazy then I got distracted. Maybe in a couple of weeks more time I'll feel confident enough to update regularly again.

Till then, I'll be around.
Donno about making it for next week as far as editing and coloring goes, but I got the next two other pages drawn and at least it's something.

@Djoing: YES!! DUN DUN DUN!!

@Brass: No worries brah. Also, I would think to hard about the logicness of having Moldorm being here. It's played for laughs.

@boa 4812: I got something in mind for Stone Tower, but that won't before a while so it is subject to change. So Lanmolas wouldn't be ruled out.
Mmm that delicious irony.
Finally, an update!! Finally responses!! Finally STUFF!!

@Joemon8: Without risk there no reward, amitire?

@Seven Rain: Licensed, certified and professional heroes.

@Boa: Original do not steal.

@Brass: Sorry brah as @boa 4812 said. I only use cameos honestly. Thanx for the offer, but sorry.

@Zenipherial: They're coming, hopefully.
Sorry there hasn't been updates and about, how long has it been... almost two months.

There are reasons. I've been playing some FF XIV for one. Also, like I think I've said before, putting some effort in the my drawings.

I do plan on updating on Monday with something and hopefully the update after that wont take another 2 months.
Just a basic update today, nothing to report.

@Joemon8: Cloud may not the smartest, but he's got imagination.

@Brass: Thanks dood. Ah, ya shouldn't beat yourself over that. You could practice drawing or sprite making or use some other media from them OC's of yous. You could write too.
It's very transparent they're disturbed by something.
Oh boy... we're gonna need a montage.
Sorry for the late night update, also I'm gonna say an early sorry for not being able to update next week. A few reasons why that is and no it's not because I was being lazy.

Although you should never rule that out. Always assume I'm lazy.

I got me a cold for several days 2 week ago so I wasn't really able to work on making the comic, so it kinda pushed everything back. No worries though, after getting a bit better I managed to finished drawing the next couple of pages and are ready to be colored and edited.

Something else I've been doing is trying to get my drawing skills leveled up. What I mean is I've been practicing trying to draw quickly and well. For the most part:

I've been doing okay. Improvements are improvements no matter how small.

Lastly, I've been playing the vidja garmez. I'm still playing Monster Hunter 4, trying to get them ranks and all. Got me Rune Factory 4 trying to get all the waifus and husbandos and I finally managed to snag me some Majora's Mask 3D.

So, I've been a busy beaver at least.

@Seven Rain: No one can step on his mad moves.

@Brassman: Thanks, buddy. Pretty much lived on soup made of noodles, cough syrup and drops while drinking my body weight in orange juice and tea.
Sorry peeps, had this cold and it's staled production. Gonna prally skip next week. Hope it doesn't become Mad Max in my state till then.

@DracheLehre: Now that would just be putting salt on wounds wouldn't it... shame I didn't think of it.

@boa: Sorry buddy, this cold had me down for a good one. Nearly forgot to make a author comment for this page.
So I got Rune Factory 4. So now I'm killing monsters and farming in two games now!

@Joemon8: No freezing today!
New update yea!

Okay, now I can go back to Monster Hunter.
Where have I been you may ask, probably not but I'll answer anyway.

I've been away, on a bit of a break to get some drawing done without worrying about an update. I've been getting pretty sick of updating once every two weeks, so I took some time off to work on a buffer. To draw enough pages I can have content while working on new pages. Some would say that I should have been doing this in the first place... but heck, I'm dumb.

With any luck this trend will continue and I can post more and get this story rolling.

@Seven Rain: I've got the idea on the back-burner. Like I said before, I'm not that fimilar with FF IX.

@boa: Ya know, the first wizzrobes where pretty much black mages. Pointy hats and all.

@Brassman: The updates are comin', mate, don't you worry. Hopfully I'll get 3D Majora's Mask, but for now I'm happy with Monster Hunter 4
Who needs a PokeDex when you got color commentary.
Lagged it because of the holiday. Had a family filled X-Mas and was busy driving about on New Year's.

Well, I'm back and with the first page of the new year.

Anyway: Admittedly, I never got far into FF IX. I think I only got halfway through disc 1 and there's a reason for it. See, I was more of the Nintendo persuasion. My cousin was the one with a PSX, so I could only really play when I was at his place(it's also how I got into FF VII and VIII). I've always wanted to go back and finish FF IX proper... maybe one day.

@Seven Rain: So majestic, you can't look away.
@Joemon8: Thankfully for you, I don't use Wizrobe. To be honest, I prefer their old black mage look then the ones in MM and Windwaker where they look like Toucan Sam
@The_Hankerchief: One day I'll make a comic where they cross over with Professor Layton. If Phoenix Wright can do it, amirite?
Page, HA! I get it!!

'Cause of the book right!!
Still making with the experimenting with my panels. Hopefully it's looking alright.
December 3rd, 2014
Yes, like a true RPG. Defeat your enemy and once vanquished you take what they have as your spoils!
Think about it, a pit with no bottom would come out on the other end of the world. Or hit the center of the world.

Anyway, we're finally here.

@Joemon8: So many game to get, my poor wallet wont make the end of next year.

@Seven Rain: Glad yer diggin' it.
So I decided to change Link's hairdo.

Here's why: After some years of drawin' dis Zelda comic I realized that out of all the characters I drew up, Link has relatively remained the same. Even Cloud got more spikeyness from how I drew him years ago. If it bothers anyone I'll change it back, no big deal. I just thought to make him a bit closer to his game version.

@Joemon8: I'm hyped. Majora's Mask is one of my fav Zelda's. Right up there with Windwaker. Hopefully they streamlined the saving though.

@MecanicalCH: No worries, lullabys solve everything.