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I absolutely love your art. I never thought anyone would be able to make the characters from Pokemon sexy, but you've managed it effortlessly! And I'm not going anywhere, and I'm not going to pressure you, but...plz update soon!
Gorgeous art! I love how big the eyes are. And Jayke is yummy (I have a weakness for emo boys). Related? They could be twins! I love how you felt the need to put the 1/2 in Maria's age. lol
October 20th, 2008
I love how Kris looks in the last panel...very sexy
Oh my goodness, I just read the whole thing and my stomach still hurts from seeing voltorb. It's an amazing comic. Hope you update soon
I love Pikachu's face when he sees psyduck...It's like instant love. Either that or shock. You must have so much fun making this
I just read the whole thing as well and it is gold. I know it's horrible, but the first page with him trying to hang himself had me wiping tears from my laughing face. I loved how he had to give himself a little pep talk before he actually did it. It was priceless!
This is a great comic! I love the little dry side-comments that are always explaining things. I love the Ebony Prince's facial expressions, and how he's not really all there. His eyes look as though they're always slightly bulged out which adds to the slightly insane look; that, along with the smirk that he's always got are just so funny that I'm always trying to catch my breath from laughing so hard.