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Hm... That was odd... But I still like it!
Yes, it was... And about April Fools Day - My grandma phoned me and said that my mum had a bird on her arm... THAT was weird...
It's ok, not a problem at all! Every one has problems like this... Homework sucks!
Why are you actually writing as guest?! I don't belive ya... (If I am wrong, sorry, but it actually happened in other comic, that some other guy wrote as guest, and said that he is comic author...)
But I actually, even if you are a cheater ;P , like this idea...
While I was reading about mixing Megaman into this comic, I fought that it would be crazio-funny¬ô ;-P if some guys made of sprites started to run around the comic without sense... Yeah... I know it's crazy, but the comic is crazy isn't it?
I like your style and comics but I think that sometimes the comic is hardly readeble. I mean that you must wait a while to actually understand what's going on...
I love your humor, your graphics and of course comic! I love whole your work! You're great, and you have really big talent!
Cool effect!
Hey! It stops after one move...
Recolors are bad... But I can't make cooler sprites too :P Anyway I like the red - blue colors, I don't know even why. I just like 'em.
On are some.
Hey! It's a lot more readable now! And I like the look of bubbles!
You used jpegs didn't you? Use pngs instead, they're the best.
Hardly readable, but... Ok... I think you could make 4 panels with 3-4 characters.