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1) your art has gotten a lot better
2) I really love the coloring job that this comic has
3) I am very okay with the amount of Nicki Minaj that is mentioned in here. <3
Just wondering.
This is going to sound completely random, but what size paper (resolution size) do you use to make mokepon?

I know you said in your OAQ that you do it on PS first then print. So I was just curious.
ooohhhh I get it! Kahn is supposed to be going down that sleeker side of the hill that you can't go up on the game and can only slide down. XD Lol I get it now. XD
ooohhhh I get it! Kahn is supposed to be going down that sleeker side of the hill that you can't go up on the game and can only slide down. XD Lol I get it now. XD
it was a cute short comic XD I started reading it on DA but then finished it here XDDD lol it was cute.
ho wow congragulations!!! that's so awesome
You have really nice hand writing. :3 To be honest I wouldn't of guessed it was hand written it looks so neat. lol

I think you should keep it. ^^ besides it's faster right? So why not. :D
lol'd at the people in the background. XD awesome.
LOL I hope you like my all caps title for this comment XD.

Anyway I gots what you postes to me. And ya I was actually thinking of redoing VERAMiR if I ever got the time to do so. XD But anyway. Your comic looks great. Your art has really come along ^^

I've been very attacked with life recently and everything has been happening at once and I really haven't had anytime for :VERAMiR: at all!! <:x

Sadly this comic will be on a strong Hiatus (until I feel the desire to actually complete it and to work on it again) if you still want to fave this you guys are the best. However if you want to unfave; I understand so please feel free to do so. XD

btw I might actually end up re-drawing the entire thing...maybe organize it some more...but..I'm still thinking about yet.

Your guys are the best fans ever for still having this in your fave list for so long. ILU all!!! <3
I lol'd so many times XD very good zelda. very good.
lol looking at this picture you should draw Chole Alice and June as the Powerpuff Girls XDDD
omg, I love her cousin? (family member) he makes me lol

And Its true the internet does have everything XD lol
your attention to details are amazing~~

can't wait for more ^^
it's the guy from the bus?

lol he returns XD
That friggin butterfly always gettin' in the way DX lol

Anyway, ya...I didn't feel like finishing Lily's it's like that now....

Also writing backwards is interesting XD
Darnit! That words got cute off XD

okay, in the third panel (the one where lily is waving her arms all crazy like squeeing)

Lily: *squeeee* Bishie! Of course it's no trouble at all!

That's what she's saying. XD

I enjoy XD
Ah yay an update!!

Hopefully more for tomorrow~~ enjoy XD
lol I'm glad you likes them X3
Oh god XD lol

That has to be the worst day in the world. XD Poor Atticus and young...taken out by a lawnmower XDDD

shading skills are amazing btw ^^