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About the self: Chaotic, hyperactive, smart enough to know i'm pretty stupid, Dutch and quite probably a little deranged.
Self's hobbies: Drawing, photography, reading and hyper focusing on things that rarely warrant the (quite rare) attention.
Self's occupation: Former multimedia designer / interactive animator. (Currently unemployed due to illness.)
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oh yes, i see..
Cheers old bean!
It's a good thing you've not done the bear thingy.. IE is a terrible thing indeed.

That said, i'm afraid that's where the nav system has always been. As in i designed it as such.
(0_o) where?
@sammy: Really?
What's happening (and in what browser)?
Because i just did a bit of comparing between my golden trinity of the commonly used (Internet Deporter, IceKitty & Moogle Brass.) but i can't see any unexplainable faults.

Please let me know what you're experiencing on your end.
(cuz the CSS is 2.0 and pretty old, so some things may indeed be riding the high hard one, but i haven't seen them yet.)

And some more fixes..
Okay, simple navigation images are now all privately hosted, so is the background image.
Next up: The header and that should have us covered for the time being.
EDIT: Done -N- Fixed.

Man, it's been ages since i worked on the site's back-end and it's oddly enjoyable.
(>_<) blaargh! (>_<)
Bad Imageshack, bad!
Okay, that means i have some code to sort thru later. Oh well, worse things happen at sea and country-clubs.
Thanks for the head's up folks!

EDIT: Okay, got those files hosted on a private domain now. I'll start swapping out the other graphics aswel.
( 0 ___ o ; Phew.. made it.. Sort of..
Okay, it's too close to the witching hour to technically be on time..
But despite demon dogs, unexpected days-not-off (suddenly, a workday appears, workday uses “F-your-comic”, it's super effective!) and reluctant wireless modems (Suddenly, a WPA-code appears, WPA-code uses “Connectivity”. It is made of fail!)
I prevail!

Oh well, enough of the overly dramatic horror stories.
Please enjoy this, the latest page of Cute Little Hentai!
It's the Halloween special & the first page to be uploaded directly from my drawing table.

As usual, there's a quiz with the Halloween special.
Anybody who knows why Yumiko might be “dressed” like Wednesday Adams, give us a shout down below!

Complaints, threats of TP-ing my new house and merry exaltations caused by sugar-rushes are
welcome in the razor-bladed candy-apple that is the comment section.

Oh, PS: Sammy, there you go mate: a yellow speech bubble! ;-p
And we're back!
To a volatile start.

I tried something new with the text bubbles.
Please let me know what you guys and gals think.
Better, worse, indifferent?

Of course you can leave ay and all commentary in the section below along with cheers of joy, jeers of choy and stories about beers and koi.

Anyhow, enjoy this latest episode of Cute Little Hentai.
It's the one where Yumiko shows us her very special approach to Human Resource Management.
(oh my)
Guess who's back?!
What?! No it's not Elvis and no ET is not with him either..

It's me!
Not as exciting, i know. But since it's me, i'm pretty stoked about it.
That's right, your doodle monkey has a a residence AND, most importantly, an honest to unicorns workplace to do him attempts at art!
*Happy dances like George Takei*
(pic for proof of happening in the " your workspace” thread on the SJ forums.)

The next CLH is going thrue it's final tweakings and will be up later this week.

Now i'm not promising i'll be back to weekly updates just yet, but hey, with a set-up like i have now, it can't be too bloody long till i do.

I want to thank all those amazing people that have helped me get thru what was undoubtedly one of the most harrowing periods in my life. I owe you dear, huggable, winnabakers my life!

And now, me a, coat rack and a particularly stubborn wall have a date with a power-tool or two.
See you happy peeps more laters.

Protestation, condemnations, and detailed descriptions of bus-stations can be left in the comment section as per.. well.. they go down there, along with the questions about “what the fuck kept you?!” and “Oh no, it's him again!”
Oh my.. (sign of life on my part)
I'm quite ashamed about nows.

Dear folks, any fears of my demise are way not based in testable fact, in said fact, they reside in the realm of the “Nuh-uh it ain't so.”

It's been way too long since i uploaded anything here to deserve you good people worrying about me.

Okay, so here's the thingy of stuffs: I started doing this comic as a way to cling to some semblance of sanity when my brain started circling the drain.
Since then, against a backdrop of doing comics, i lost my mind, got thrown out of my house, went to an intense and invasive mental treatment, lopped the head off a boozing problem, took quite some time to bounce up into something resembling sanity and then went into therapy to sort out the underlying issues that caused my earlier “devide-by-zero” styled collapse.
These days, i'm a lot better. I'm volunteering my graphic design skills for a local organization benefiting, educating and supporting those who have an alternative sexuality. And the best news of all: I'll be moving into a house with my own front door in the next month.
Yup, that means i can haz room for my old drawing table again.

Now, i won't lie to you wonderful people: I am not the same weirdo i was when i started this comic. And when i pick it back up, that may be noticeable. But, I will be back to do more CLH.
Hey, who knows, it might get better. ;-)

Until then, rest assured, i have not forgotten this project and i'm near guaranteed to not be dead (unless someone decides to run me over with a cow. Which is unlikely to succeed, as i make sure to stay near stairs and as most people know, Cows are the Daleks of evil food-groups, thwarted by stairs..)

Patience is a virtue, so by all means, pester me with PMs about me needing to hurry the F up.
le Sigh
Right, so a quick heads up:
Writing this from a workserver, cuz:
My Workstation is playing Jesus. That is to say, it don't boot no more and it'll take me the better part of 3 no-tech-stores-is-open_days to resurect it.
Spend most of the easter weekend trying to retrieve my files from the b0rked old thing.
As they say in IT: Jesus saves and makes incremental back-ups..
..I should grow a beard and piss off some romans. (Seriously, when will i learn?!)

Anyhow, next update is delayed by how ever long it takes me to get the old files of the old disk, repair or (gods save us) rebuild my system.

Not what i wanted to tell you good folks this easter.
I wanted to show you a picture of me in lederhosen and bunny ears.. but yeah, computer said no.

Right, new HDD in place, rebuilding my workstation as i type this.
Normal procrastination will resume once this monster is up and running again ;-p
( > _ < ) COMIC! ( > _ < )
's about bloody time too!!

Yeah so, RL has been getting up in my face again.. Or rather i've been taking it to war over that last month. Man, if only I could make a living doing this.. But meh. It needs to happen and for once in my life, i'm not backing down.

Anyhow, please enjoy this edition of Cute Little Hentai, it's the one where.. Oh i'm tired of this “Friends” schtick! It's a comic! Enjoy!

Kindly leave your hoots, hollers, wolf-whistles and catcalls in the comment section below.

Oh and though i'm working on the next one as I type this, don't expect it anytime soon..
(sorry y'all!)
..for some RL reasons I need to find me some housing, make amends with my sorely neglected family and friends, not to mention a sudden need to learn SQL data-basing in hootdarn-freakin hurry.

Oh and i'm still unemployed, so yeah, enough things that need doing besides shading Mieke's next temper tantrum..
Sooo much to do and get right in the fist try...
( / _ \ ;
Oh no! A door!
Yes, it's time to kick off the first mini arc i have planned for this old piece of scribble..
Enjoy folks.
Re-upload and not caring.
I'm gonna pick this up where I left off..
..and get progressively worse from there.

Next update tomorrow, the one after that, when hell freezes over, so stay tuned to see me bitch-slap that bitch made punk "tha mornin'star" with an Air Conditioner.

No really, i'm saner now that i ever was.
Gods save you all.
February 22nd, 2012
( x _ 0 ) 2012 re? Revival challenge accepted!
actually, i do. I keep it in the fridge, next to the ketchup and extract of Sauron..
One can't cook properly without them.
( 0 __ 0 )
Just ran across this beauty. Loving what I read so far.
I can't quite put my finger on it, but there's something quite Tank Girl to the overall feel of it all.
Again, love it! + Fav and will be b1shing for more in the future.
(Dat u vast op de hoogte is van dergelijke.)
@ qazox: Yes, it does. It really really does.. Lets just say I have a memory of a specific ovenscale.. It did indeed contain a lasagna, albeit not on fire.. I've been trying to fire proof my all important digits ever since..
@ Sammy: Ahw, stop it! You gonna make me blush!
@ Akiem: To respond in order:Thank you. Thank you. Probably not at all, as a proper grip is imperative when swinging anything about & finally; As a matter of fact, yes. Yes I do.
I do indeed plan to imitate Sammy (the first person on the planet to ever attempt a CLH t-shirt.)
I'm currently looking into production value vs pricing vs print-run numbers vs shipping.. (the art will be the least of my worries in the struggle to juggle the cost / benefit thingy for those who might be interested.)

Anyhow, working on the next comic as I type this, can't promise a Monday update, but i'll try.
Cheers you happy folks what make me good.. ehrm .. You good folks that make me happy.
Ehrm Meh! ( - __ - ;
Yeah, still very tired. This page should have been up two days ago, but I had a bit of RL stuff happen that took more out of me than I expected. It's been a rough couple of weeks and I just didn't have the reserves to roll with the latest punches.. Oh well, I got knocked on my ass and got back up again.
( ^ _ ^ )

Anyhow, enough of the weepy author shtick, please enjoy this latest page of Cute Little Hentai.
It's the one where we find that the proverbial kitchen heat needs keeping an eye on. (and one's fingers clear off.)

Anyhow, lol cats, ponder possums, pissy pangolins and any other forms of nonsensical communications are more than welcome in the comment section.
( ^ _ ^ ) COMIC! ( ^ _ ^ )
Hey there good folks!
Yes indeed, it's an other update!

I would fill a paragraph being witty and that, but i'm just too hog-darn knackered right now. /-]

So anyway, please enjoy this latest page of Cute Little Hentai.
It's the one where we find out that Mieke is better with a fire extinguisher than she is with an oven.
(poor thing, she really does try, you know.)
@ qazox: Yep, that's the one! Good thing I always have my trusty stainless steel 0.5mm mechanical pencil on me, or he'd have cheated me out of my funny bone..
No need to come out of retirement though. I learned him a lesson or two about the amount of aces a deck should hold, dressed him like an alter-boy and fed him to the /b crowd..
..i don't think he's coming back.

@ BlackCatz: KITTY!! Good to read you! How you been?.. And yes, I may be dull as an anvil, but my funny bone is still a sharpie.
(Not that that makes any sense, but hey, i'm mental, it's offical these days.) ;-p

@ Joobaloob56: Don't get to stoked, only god knows what i'll do tomorrow and I don't believe he exists.. ( '_ ' ;
Hmm.. I wonder if that bodes well or ill.. oh well, time'll tell.
Hope to keep you stoked though.

@ Sammy: Sammy, you are an extremely disturbed individual, and do keep in mind it is me, certified mental boy, telling you so.
But no worries, i'm glad to hear you're fapping to this comic as opposed of becoming only semi aroused while watching a combo of SAWXIII and Bambi the gloryhole years. (There is hope for you still)
So wipe off your keyboard before it gets crusty and get some professional help dude.

Service announcement: The author IS in fact mental and a fruit-loop on medicinal speed. Nothing he says should be taken seriously, unless it should.. Yeah, that makes no sense, but see the previous sentence to get a scope on how that'll work out.. No the one before that!

Seriously though, i've missed doing this, i've missed you wonderful people and it's good to be back.
*Web Hugs*
( 0 _ o )
Well, as the last comic seemed like a pretty ominous way to make a comeback, I figured i'd give you good folks something bright, wacky, internet-referencing and slightly disturbing.
You know, to let you good folks know I haven't lost my silly bone in a poker game to a three footed golf-cart engineer called Wilberforce Deloris Happenstance (the third).
Just so you know.

Ahem, so welcome and enjoy this, the 133rd page of Cute Little Hentai (by some form of counting)
It's the one with a tentacled monster doing horrible things to a young lady in a generic school uniform.
(so I don't want anymore complaints about this comic's name and it's lack of such occurrences ;-p)

Anyhow, bouts of outrage, picketing of my moral decline, cries of “ZOMG that's just wrong!” and other such pleasantries are more than welcome in the comment section below.
( ^ _ ^ )
@ Mr.McCleanhands: Demonic Anger in a Victorian Styled Office?
Yeah, that would keep me busy for a while.. How about I do some comics instead before I get back on that with you..
But yes, it would indeed be most triumphant (Bill & Ted Airguitars)

@ Outis: Yep that is Latin. And yes, it is Latin because I needed filler text, for i'll be damned if i'm going to write a crap load of nonsense, pretending to know what a file like that would look like for just the one picture.

And yes it would be translatable if enlarged.
It's known as the “Lorem Ipsum” or “Lipsum” for short, used by graphic designers world wide to use as filler when making mock-ups of designs containing large quantities of text.
It was used as far back as the days of lead type setting, apparently.
It is actually an excerpt from “The Extremes of Good and Evil” by Cicero, written 45BC. Or so I was told..

Now, while most people usualy start with “Lorum Ipsum dolor sit amet..” which seems gibberish, I started with the actual passage that has been badly quoted over the centuries: "Neque porro quisquam est qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit..."
"There is no one who loves pain itself, who seeks after it and wants to have it, simply because it is pain..."
As I found it a bit more fitting and might be less recognizable to the wandering eye (plus i'm a raging nerd for this type of pretend intelect).

Anyhow, several Internets and a cupcake are your winnage for noticing and asking. ;-p

@ Everyone: Oh, BTW, the new comic will be up in 10 minutes.