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Random faceless person who likes birds and reading. Really needs to get round to actually doing a comic.

Dear Santa, sorry I still have nothing for you to work off. If it helps, something to do with parrots that have mustaches would be cool :)
Been a while since I last came here, but I'm glad I caught back up :)

God, seeing that OIP CD takes me back to that time I mocked one up and stuck it on the forum xD
Speaking of book form, I really hope H0ly publishes this one :)
This takes me back to when I fought Lt Surge with the Pikachu in Yellow.

Literally took out every other Pokemon I had, made me revive Pikachu once (so I heard that horrible death squeal), and had him down to the red. But we beat him, and it felt so damn good.
And so the comic turned into a period version of Pictures of You, complete with it's own Christo ;D
Yeah, late reaction to the previous page, but....
"When Captain America throws his mighty shield..."
@natuko_hom: * well-deserved rimshot*
So that explains it!
Hahahaha, I was catching up after a while away and thought "Whaaa?" when I saw Admin listed xD
@chaos-of-vinnie: That takes me straight back to secondary school xD
Oh my God YES!!! Santa you are the best!! :D
Heh, I'd read a comic about these guys :)
December 3rd, 2015
Soooooo, is he going to turn into a werewolf now? :D
Urgh, this one hit me where it hurts xD
October 3rd, 2015
Woohoo! She's back! Glad to see this comic is back too after all those years btw :)
September 26th, 2015
It's really good to have you back man :)

I will never stop shipping this, even if they kill each other xD
My life right now, way too much change going on.
@Nyzer: I'm not sure you could describe coming back years later for a bootie call as "bailing her out".

He never needed to start this, never needed to keep coming back, doesn't need to be here now. He has been choosing this path just as much as Chris has. Chris has been stupid, but what's his excuse?

If he'd kept his nose out and left her alone, what would have happened? I reckon they'd have given her a slap on the wrist and sent her home to Toby. Story over, no massive shitstorms, the end. His getting involved so he can claim some nookie actually made things worse.
This is the sort of thing that my Dad does that pisses off Mum xD
Y'know guys, it may have only been a month or two for us since the last time they met, but it's been several years for Chris.

On that sort of timescale, your brain condenses memories into flat narratives and characters. Considering that they parted on a really negative note, is it that surprising that time has turned her image of him into a total villain who took advantage of her when she was at her weakest?

If that sort of character wanted to calmly discuss taking away your child, would you really take the time to be charming and diplomatic with them?

As an aside, even if she did take that approach, we all know he'd see through it easily.
Called it ^_^