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The Name's Devon, Im just your average VideoGame Playing,Comic Reading Teenager lolz. My favorite hobbies are Playing Video Games, Reading Comics of any kind, and hanging out with friends. So Yeah lol.
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And Waluigi also died. (or was at least beaten to near death by Sonic and Amy)
This is Sonic and Knuckles all over again lol
Ballade vs Bass = Bass destroys Ballade
I'd say its good to see that sun put in his place for once.
Metal Sonic Will Rise Again
Luigi has the worst luck ever
Amy is going to beat the crap outta them
Knuckles bout to kick some ass now
and nice knowin ya Latiku (not really lol)
If Bass and Metal Sonic team up the Mario Bros are gonna have their hands full.
Frozen Penguin Anyone?
Unless something extremely lucky/convenient happens, Chillman is pretty much screwed.
And so it begins =P
Well we all know how this is gonna end lolz
Eggman and Bowser FTW
Dedede just got owned and its going on 4chan =P
lol nice hairpiece Dr Wily.
Well Lakitu its been nice knowing ya lolz

and look on the bright side Bowser and Eggman you can still get Mario lol