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Congrats on 100 pages!
I don't think I've ever seen heavy plot points been dropped as casually as this before.
I still think about this comic all the time, even though it stopped updating.
It's been a while, hasn't it?! This page took so long to finish, but it's still pretty crappy. In this case, I was willing to sacrifice quality.

Sorry I couldn't find a way to not-awkwardly include this in the dialogue, but this is Kevin. He's Emmi's older brother.

Oh, I guess this is the first page where you officially learn the main character's name. It's Emmi, if you didn't notice.
Gorgeous art!!
More like Lightblade Hopewish, enhh? Enhhhh?????
Yeah, I don't buy it either.
I'm glad I can still see your art and comics. <3
January 28th, 2013
Aww yiss. Been waiting for his backstory.
Hmm, I probably wouldn't have noticed that if you didn't say to pay attention to the page, haha.
Seeing this comic update makes my day. :)
Usagi has seen weirder stuff than Herz. lol
Gaining some weight, I see.
Ugh, this page...

Fact: You can't dream of someone's face if you have never seen it before. In the dream, you cannot see that person's face if you do not know it.

Another fun fact: This file was so big that I had to export it at 15% for it to be small enough for SJ.
Beautiful first page.
There should be more pages this week to make up for skipping last week's update.
I don't like big parties either, even if I'm on the "acquaintance" level with most of the people there.
It's nice that you cheered that girl up.
So gorgeous. I could stare at this all day.
I started working on this page late, so I was worried that I wouldn't hit my deadline. But I did it. Phew.
I intend to update on Saturdays, but Sunday is okay too. As long as I don't completely miss a page.

Anyway, here's the long version of the legend if you're interested. At first I wasn't going to include the part about her son, but it was too cool to leave out.

PS, Is the text too small? Let me know.
I love love love this comic so much.
I'm sorry for the confusing format for these first couple pages, but it won't be like this for much longer. lol