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I'm now "Azora" (but the comic's still @ the same address ^_^)
I love the emotion on this page (or rather, lack-of emotion from the dead residents :(). It's so sad T.T
Such a narcissist (Connor I mean, not you XD).
Do what you like! B+w or colour, it doesn't matter to me! XD As long as RDV is still here, I'm happy :3.

But I gotta say, Sluv's colouring is almost strikingly similar to yours- well done to Sluv! :D
Ooooh! It's surreal! :3

Interesting art so far- you should try fixing up the navigation so readers don't have to scroll all the way down to post a comment XD.
The top panel is love! And the story's getting interesting ^^
Stripey socks and someone who can actually draw pine cones...oh my!

*continues reading :B*
What an original concept this is! Can't wait for the next update! :D
ooh, a contest! :DD dunno if i'll be entering though (stupid exams >.<)
Noel AND Connor got pwned! WIN! XD

You're so "nice" to your characters, Miser!
I haven't commented here for a while and just started to read the comic again!!

I wanna know what happens neeeeeext!! >.<;; Hope you update soon (but don't stress out too much XP!).
Okay seriously, your dragons are damn well drawn. You must do a tutorial of how to draw them sometime :D!
March 21st, 2009
weeeeeeeeee! I shall be a-followin' this comic! :D
My friend told me Watchmen was based on a novel...o_o

But anyway, wonderful work as usual! I really really like the designs of the dragons from the last few pages too and the sceneries are stunning~! ^_^
lol, oh well- at least the cough makes up for the lack of conversation in the second panel XD
Ooh! Spiffy new layout *_* Those extra details like hair and clothing must've taken a while too.... >.<