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Thomas says I am hot, smart, and slightly emo sometimes. I do not disagree with these statements.
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You'd think I'd learn, considering how weird I feel whenever anyone ever sees me dance-walking. But I thought my own home was safe!
Thanks for not being too awkward, mail guy. That's my job.
So yeah.
Here's a doodle! About how stupid I am! Yay!
I had an ad for manga on my cell phone. I haven't seen any Biebads around.
So, you know, the third panel of pretty much every comic I've ever drawn? I would wear them on a T-shirt. It's nuts.
Hoorah for giving more of a shit!
Look who took more than five minutes to make this comic. It is me. I even inked it. WOO
I have always had a fear of creepy dolls. You didn't know that?
The pancakes were delicious.
murfle murfle murr
Sorry I missed out. I am a busy lady and shit. Murr.
Here are some doodles I made last night. I wish it was not illegal to sell these probably- if so, you guys could buy some for next Valentine's Day.

time for more hats
For formal wear, Phillip wears a bow tie. Only a bow tie.

I apparently wear my best whore dress, though, so I'm not one to talk.
Just some stuff I drew during a D&D session. Yeah...
I have purple hair. Now it is time to sleep- but I probably won't.
Murfle murr
It's okay! I can move my fingers now!
There is some guy on the Internet asking for pictures of wolves. I couldn't help but oblige. I just drew this in fifteen minutes. I hope it sort of looks like a wolf-ish.
I am so lame.
Filler art! Even better, a doodle I did that's completely unrelated to ToJ! In my defense, I walked home tonight, and it was cold as balls, and my fingers are still sort of numbish. I'm gonna go take a warm bath, that'll help it.

I want to be pancakes!
Another comic!
First post, bitches!
Yeah, this is Wednesday. Hello future people! How is the weather there! I bet it is futuristic! ^_^

The reason I am posting early is because I don't think I will find time on Friday. Why? Vagina Monologues! All the cool people in St. John's will be there! Yeahhh!
Yeah. If you're in St. John's, hit up the Vagina Monologues this Friday and Saturday night! They're at the DF Cook recital hall, it's a fun time for all! I have a minor part! Yaaaay