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Well in my spare time I like playing games and coming up with new ideas for many things like for comics.
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Continue going southeast towards slivertown.
>check what operating system you use.
>BeamSword:Guide party.
>Glandor:Pick up coins.
>check for traps behind the counter.
This is so weird I was wondering when this was gonna update like ten minutes ago well now for the command.

>look around you and see if you can find anything useful and/or interesting objects.
Erotic perhaps?
You think thats bad try two months of no internet. I had to play my PS3 to entertain my self.
>Both:wait until your eyes adjust to the darkness.
Everyone> Grab on to the pole that has grabbed one of the containers.

Blinkee> Try to remember what happened before you got stuck in this tube.
>get sonic the hedgehog to help you.
April 25th, 2010
>Faite:Look for more clues to find out where your siblings are if you can't find any check the cave.
Faite: grab a rock and put it in your inventory.
>dream about the future
Jesus> ask Everyone what the buttons do.
>fling the rock high in the air and run inside the house before it lands.
>See if there is a building near by.
December 21st, 2009
heheh get off my lawn :D