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dude, this comic rules!
"oh yeah i forgot" noice
its always time for missiles
thanks very much! im kinda sorta workin on more.
cool! thanks... i tried to make it seem like an old detective movie narrative, without the intellectualism....
frieakking awesome
dude, your style is nice.. your animations are great too!
lol thanks. i love cross hatching.. and i love mr. pissed alot too!
your story is funny and creative. the art is pretty good too! just try not to rush when coloring.. i make my comic in black and white cause coloring takes too ling, but if you want to color, take it slow. youre on the right track for sure
this is cool

very unexpected
what do you use to draw on?
(apps wise, paint, photoshop)
this comic is perfect..
this is awesome
October 11th, 2008
spiderman rip.. noice
absolutely not
thats how it is man.. awesome
hah super lol
im indiferent deary
no no no hes singing that one song that goes.. nah nah nah naaaah nah nah nah naaah, hey hey hey gooooodbye!!!