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Death the Kid
Nice to meet ya! I'm Death the Kid (DTK), Ashe, or Mina. I'm new here so be nice, ne? If you want to know about the comics I have, you can PM me and ask.

Anime/manga, video games, yaoi, hentai, drawing [duh]

>.> I'll tell you later.

Currently looking for work; college student.

Now that you know me, go and have fun reading some of my comics. :D
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    Ashlyn Brock
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Come to the dark side--we have free porn, fruit punch drinks, and COOKIES.

But seriously though, the army looks bad ass. Kudos. :)
I see the derp yes I do. :3
The sky is just... amazing. :D

Ah well. I was close, but no dice.
That door/wall is hella scary. I WISH I COULD READ GERMAN, FRAK. >^<
Wow. I leave for a few months, and this is what I find? xD

Randomness abound!

I'm still in awe of your pages. And I've been meaning to ask: do you ink your pages the traditional way or the digital way?

I was curious because I finally got Manga Studio and was looking for advice.

If you have any, it would help greatly.
I found this earlier while searching for some new comics to read.

It's so cute and I'm a fan of Supernatural. Love the artwork and expressions.

Castiel is so easily corruptible. x)
FFFFFFF. I just want someone to slap her right now. And Horus has become one of the most awesome old men ever.
New Character! 8D
Sorry for the 2-3 month wait. I wanted to make the colored pages (which will be either 2 or 3 pages) neat. Happy reading and enjoy the updates!
FFFFF. Joey looks adorable with short hair. I would cut it if the storyline would have it. :D But that's just me.
I love how Eila just bumps the officer away. xDD
Beautiful work, guys. It's been a while since I last read it. He's had a pretty hectic life, thought, hasn't he?
Death the Kid
May 25th, 2010
I have a faint feeling Faye's got something to do with the oh so scary dude in panel 5.
Fffff, I love the name Piper.
Death the Kid
May 12th, 2010
You can't blame Accel for trying to reason with the enemy. ^^;
Death the Kid
May 12th, 2010
Guilty, guilty, Faye~

Nice page. :)
Nice page. I fell out of my seat laughing. xD