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shoutouts to simpleflips
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Auspicious return from extinction? Here's an old comic that I made when I was still a young man.
Guest comic by some guy of some notoriety by some name of Gerith.
An old remake of an old comic that holds a special place in our old hearts.
Revamped website. Praise the Sun!
I lied. I had one more that I forgot I drew.
We'll pick back up on this come Christmas since it's... you know... almost March.
Don't let them take it away from you.
Turning Japanese. I'm think I'm turning Japanese. I really think so.
Stones and pebbles hide my Dwebble.
Step right up to the microphone.
Oh, you are so cruel, Haruko-chan!
I have three legs. Don't believe me? Tri-me.
My name is Victory Road, and this is my sweet reverberation.
The people have spoken, and they want four more years of dinosaurs! The first four hath not satiated their lust!

I'll never understand the application of camo patterns on anything for civilian purposes.
The dinosaur returns.
We're going to ignore the part where it says 2010. You never saw it.
See previous.