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Ahahahahaha... I'm moving by the way.
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    Emma Kelray
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Holy shit, someone still remembers this comic. ;w; I feel loved~
Lol yay.
Stella told her to shut up, she just got really tired of Emma taking up the whole comic. =3
Ok, so. I am uploading everyday. (If I think of something.) This is truely amazing. Due to the fact that I never updated this when I started it.
Well, enjoy these updates till my brain goes dead. ^^

Thanks for reading, have a great day! (And if your in the huge ass storm somewhere in the US Good luck, STOCK UP ON THE SLIM JIMS AND POP TARTS!)
This is where she hangs when shes bored, the local bar!
She orders a root beer (lol yeah right) and thinks about stuff. Mainly about how she cannot sprite walls worth a crap. =D
And somehow Stella found her.
Going to upload a comic continueing off of this tomorrow. Kay?

Thanks for reading. ^^ (If anyone is still reading. =3)
Guess what, I'm lazy!
I have one sprite of a glomping sequence for Emma. And am not bothered to finish. .w.
I made this, because Stella's sheet is more complete than Emmas. XD So yeah, have fun with this update!
(Also, I will be leaveing on Thursday, but I won't be on MSN this week. ^^' I need time to fix up my other comics, and start updating them.)

Thx for reading ppl. =D
sfx sprites from Touhou Hisouten,

I watched a tut on youtube by someone named Rage on here on how to do special effects and such, and tried it on PdN, (I know, my attempt dosent look that great) So yeah, yay.
Now, I might stop updating so much. Bai now.
@VAda, Yus! Custom shit!

@Mist, Yay ^^ I was trying to make some grass that looked halfway decent and my first sky that diden't have pillow shaded clouds. XD

Thx for the comments. =3
@Mist, I would, but Yeah.. they would look odd. XD And, yay commenter. .w.

@Mix, Lol yus XD Etch is just like. "Bah.. quit being stupid. And why the hell is Cream here" So yeh,

Thx for the comments you two ^^
Shes actually had it for a while. ^^;
And hey, when I get back from the trip an such I'll be on msn again.
-Hugs- Yay~ someone who knows the coding. ;w; Thx~
I made some custom BGs for a comic. =3 check it out! ^^

(Lol advertising >w>)
'RAWR' is not recognized as an internal or external command...
I know, I'm uploading something AGAIN. But yeah, you can't really see it in the BG.
I need to find a way that when you scroll down the bg dosent go up. (If you don't know what I mean, go to Shards comic MUTE (Where the background has normal coding =D) or just scroll down looking at my BG.

If anyone can help with this, I will love you forever.

ANYWAI. I put this up here because technically, it is tomorrow where I'm at. (12am XD) And I thought it was kinda funny. ^^ So yeah, enjoy one of the soon to be rare updates from me =D
Cake is custom, table is lazy and floats, and yay a screen.
And better than before (I hope)
Welcome to the new comic. (Same as old, just modified) I will be restarting this comic with all new adventures, all new looks, and all new people! (no Cameos for a while though.) I have an absolutely hectic schedual though, and may not update with much stuff. I have also lost my comic touch. ^^' So sorry of some of the comics suck. but yeah, starting over from the top! Enjoy. <3

If anyone cared about the old comics, I still have them. If for some odd reason you liked them, I can send them.
(I saved the comments in text form aswell.)
Yup, told you I was gonna dump stuff. Just drop by every now and then and dump some random thing.

Ok, about this sheet. I decided to go back to the basics!
Emma is noow back to Tails fur colour, and has visable spots -cough-rosettes-cough- <_< >_>
So yeah, I brought back and old attack of hers, and will be bringing back some other things.
I will be updating THIS file only, so when I make a small, or large update, its still going to be on this specific comic. Not on a new comic taking up space. So yeah =3 enjoy.

Your Hyper Leopard,
Lol, Stella, Xander, or me? XD

Stella is not dead.
Xander fell down the cliff and landed on a small ledge. so he's alive =)
And as for me, well. I'm alive and spriting again, but I think this comic died XD

Thanks for commenting. ^^
Xander, falling off a cliff cause he can't see it.
And Stella, not doing much about it .-.
How I torture my characters.
Sqee~ Jamie was pwned by a fluffy ^_^
>Faite: Throw your soul shard at his head in attempts to wake him up then scatter the papers on his nose.
This sucks.. just let me die in a hole plz...
So thats what happens... .3. awesome..
Happy New Years!