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Hey! I'm french-corean love art, japan, Ubel blatt, PS3, drawing all this crap !
Hit shit out when it rains
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January 31st, 2010
I'm sooo sorry the style changes like all the time it's because I keep changing computers and programs .. :x
October 20th, 2009
Yeah... It's been a long time, I'm sorry... (bac & moved house)
Style changed a lot.... I hope it's alright !!
It's a mix between a Snake and stars :)
No you don't knoow :'(
Sounds fun .... faved!
that's a rational... /D
I love the way you wrote "miraj" on your cover !!! It's really interesting ^^ and great art :)
love the sudden change of mood XD
I love the cat on the 1st panel he's doing like his master so fun :)
Coloring takes so much time! I think I will be posting in black and white to end this chapter! And when I'll make a new chapter I'll color the 8 first pages too I think...
AND crapyest layout ever >.< I really wanted to change it so I made this in abt 2 min that's why ahah
Changing the storyline ^^ I'm never satisfed wth what I do ahah >.<
Oh and "Lucas" is not here it's the blonde guy's imagination !
Your art is so special, can't wait for more
...not much action yet sorry sorry >.< it's going to come ^^
Felt like colour ^^
Thanks to Nigroal kaiyaweir & ticky :)
thanks! for the first nice comment ^^
And thanks again to flowapowa & samota
ahahah I love this cat ^^
amazing! like justice †