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Rosa Angelicus
Anou...where to start...

*waves* Hello. I'm a slightly hyper girl who has to write everything I come up for a story down since that's basically all I'm ever thinking of. I enjoy writing, but I'm going to give comics a go since I like drawing too.

*bows* Please be kind to me.
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I think I've just clocked it
I won't say more, but I think I understand why this extra was called what it was now.


I sure do hope "Nakay" really is her name O_O I see no third eye yet... (if I've understood how this demon-angel system works correctly)
Poor foxy

Pecha berry sent
And the fairy god"mother" strikes again XDD
We shall call him... Gaga
I think I've already fallen a little bit in love with this new Prince(ss)

Oh mai! Is that Ashes I see? :D
HE'S CRACKED IT! *goes to dance in double-rainbow-land-of-happiness-and-cheer~*

Now he may have his reward of a wonderful lovemaking session in the tub ^w^
*chuckles* I must say, this has been amusing. Whether its a joke or the real ending, it ended the way it started:

Random, unexpected and funny. *applauds*
Well, I'm guilty as charged, and there isn't much I can say that hasn't already been said.

I'm just one of those people that carries on with my work regardless of whether it gets comments are not (I'm a fanfiction writer, not a comic artist). Getting a favourite or a story/author alert makes my heart sing a little because it means that someone out there is taking their time to read my work and like it enough to come back for more. So part of me believes that other people must believe that also.

That, and all I can really do is comment upon how such and such a panel is really nice. I don't understand how one critiques a comic really since all I can critique is story (and even then I only comment if the story is exceptionally good/bad, and I feel that it could use with a little "tweeking" in places). Story is half the process. Art is the other that must be critiqued too in the case of the comment because the story is told through the artist's work.

In summary: don't take the lack of comments to heart. The fact that people have favourited this comic and will come to read it every time there is a release should make you feel proud. Seriously, the number of people that are fans of this comic is astronomical and nothing to be sniffed at. I envy you because of it. I don't even have a tenth of that number.
In all this (and I'll probably get flammed for saying one hald of this) I actually have more sympathy for dad and kids in this situation. Mom is a bit of a Libertine (tiniest bit in the sense she does what she wants; not its literal meaning). Yeah she's cool, but she's selfish as well. It's kind of a wonder how someone as straightlaced as dad managed to marry and have kids with someone who really was a free-spirit that masqueraded as something she was not.

Though little wonder Kaito is so reluctant to love Shuno back. This kind of thing would mess up any kid's mind (dad's harshness and reaction to the situation, mom's initiation of the situation). At least Kaito's dad did the right thing by taking responsibility.

Still can't forgive him for being so harsh to a little kid though. Then again, who would?

Thank you for drawing up this comic. The story has a lot of subtle layers. Ever considered it becoming a published work?
o.,o eru...
XD Kuroshitsuji reference ftw
I want to squeeze Nightingale >w< he looks amazing <3
And now we know where Noel's good looks and charm comes from.

...His mom, clearly XD
Is it a bad thing that I'm finding La'akea more and more personable than 'Ehukai on the whole "baby shark-human thing eats its mum but I'm not going to tell you that so that you'll stick around and have said shark-human mum eating baby" than I did on the fact that 'Ehukai and Keani are otherwise occupied? I think its the whole bare-faced lie thing. Th fact that 'Ehukai and Keani are having 'liasons' without a care in the world doesn't really upset me considering they're both fully shark(god) thus less likely to have the same sort of concious as a human.

Either way, great story telling and art so far :)
Poor kid... Tenkei/Masao you dork >:(
Somehow, you made Spiderman sexy O.O Poor Masao, all tangled up in a web/gym rope
I almost feel sorry for Angel...

Almost. >:3

*waves pompoms* Go Crazy Curvy PE Teacher! Whup those magical boys up into shape! >:U
OAO a bondage magical boy with an angel motif?

I love it!
Children, when dealing with a magical boy henchman that owns a supersonic voice, don't tell him his singing is terrible! D8 This is the result.
Is that the cane of a Tuxedo Mask Character?! (well...more likely it's Noel but...we can dream ¬.¬)

Great page :)
Guess gullability runs in the family.

Sorry about the sunburn :( I can only imagine how painful it must've been