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I am a 5foot6 17 year old fangirl who would do anything to get a decent site for my webcomic^-^; I love anime and manga with a passion<-------inspiration. Youll have to exscuse my terrible spelling, I cant spell worth a flip, teehee^-^;
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This is SOOO pretty :x! HOW THE HECK DO I GET MY SITE TO LOOK LIKE THIS!!!? Mines so blah>_<! Im faving you by the way :>

This is a really fun comic! *fav'd*

Your arts so cute^_^! Imma add you to my favs!!!!!!

No Im definatly not dead, but I AM in trouble! My scanner will NOT work for me!!!!!! Im gonna have to get a new one and god knows how long thats gonna take :<...Im very sad!!

Yes! It LIVES!!
I hate to say this but this may be the last page I will be able to post for a VERY long time :<...Im gonna work on my scanner today to see if I can somehow get it workin again...*crosses fingers*

Aiiiyee!! *fav'd*

Okay I was trying to get some new pages scanned yesterday, and found out that my scanner is on the fritz>_____< It makes me so angry!!!!!!!! So now Im gonna have to either get it repaired, or buy a new one :<...grrrrrrrr!

Aww I totally miss working on this comic :<!! Ive been really lazy about trying to start on it again, and Im kinda lost on whas happening in the story right now:/ Guess I better freshion up huh??

Yeah, this is where everything starts to get more interesting!! Things will CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I HEART YOU ALLL SO MUCH!!! Im getting on the ball with the next page as we speak!! Give it another day or two!! Im sorry for the long ass wait>.<!!!

Um woah!
I really REALLY havent posted in a while!! Im VERY sorry you guys>.<!! This page got a little screwed around_>_;!! I got the pannels messed up. IM SORRY!! >@<!!!!

So sad...;_;
I cant seem to get to work on either of my comics.....>.<!! Im trying so hard...I just got this ADROABLE new kitten and Ive had to take care of the little feller all on my own_._;!! So even though Im not working on it...(or anything else for that matter)..Ive deticated my new story 'Wardrobed' to Ceaser, my new lil kitten^,^~<3!!!

Lol^_^ I know, right!
This is TOTALLY me when Im at my house by myself^-^;;
Today there WILL be a new update I PROMISE!! I tried to update yesterday but the site was down or somethingO_o;
I JUST found out about it so I can't really give you any good advise besides NOT getting the one I just got!! It DOSEN'T work>.<!!!!!! I DID find a better one of the same brand, but its WAY more exspensive, but has a buttload more on it, and mostlikely works better too.>.>....
Haha, yeah I know!^.^ Shaes all like; 'WHAT the HECK!!?
Cool stuffs!!
Haha! I know its HUGE isnt it^-^;;? This is gonna be a really fun chapter because its gonna get really serious and DANGEROUS!! Ive been waiting to do this chapter for a whole YEAR!! Crazy huh? Anywho, yes you need to keep track with my comic!! EVERYONE does!!^_____^<333!!

Oh my!!
Okay, LOVE this picture ALOT!! So pretty!! I wish I had those badass cg skills!!
Aww, I really like the eyes!!fived and faved~<3