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I fiddled with Photoshop CS3 and now I'm thoroughly enjoying myself.

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before anyone reads innuendo into the 5th panel, Hayabusa's her Gryphon and "the Nest" is actually the pen where she keeps him.

glad I sidetracked that.

apparently, the Red Ranger breaks the rules.
gwah?! he beat the red ranger? BLASPHEMY!

Hahaha. adding this to favs,I wanna see what happens next.
I thoroughly enjoyed making this one.
All I'm saying is, that's a big freakin' Space Pirate
yes, yes, i know the last line is mentally retarded. hahaha.
The composite afflicts my brain...

with awesomeness.
Obviously I like making long, ridiculous, bombastic titles.
December 3rd, 2008
Yamataro's right.

It's very hard to understand the text without word bubbles or boxes.
Why is Zedd showing deference to Ridley?

Because they're "old friends". That, and Lord Zedd's getting a lot of troops and resources from Ridley, which makes insulting him a bad idea.

As to anyone wondering how Zeddy beat Samus...

He cheated.
this came out so unfortunately cluttered... i was trying to capture the essence of an end-of-episode monster finishing combo attack from all the rangers involved in the episode.
zedd is and always will be an insane overlord. hehehe.

as for the big guy, it could be honor, fear, or disgust - any of the three. hehe.
i apologize for my increasingly crappy japanese. i can't speak it, but using kanji in a power rangers webcomic seems both appropriate and awesome.
i'm trying to portray him as an emotionally complex giant robot monster :D... It's kind of hard, considering, well, he's a robot with no facial expression.
@Shadow The Unborn:

I found some dvd's...

mighty morphin' was the most awesome of all the power rangers
shows ever.
embarassingly enough, i'm using my dad's photoshop cs3 for this... ah, well.