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Hi, I'm Steven! I am a comicstrip artist/writer. I used to be a cook in the Army. That was a fun ride. My wife is in the Army and is by far the most precious gal in the world.

I like roleplaying games. Alot.
I enjoy Scrabble
I love the Final Fantasy series
The Legend of Zelda for NES was my first exposure to adventure/roleplaying video games. I love the Legend of Zelda franchise the way some people love cake. You know who you are.
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    Steven Baughman
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Looking at this strip several months later, it took a full ten minutes to remember why I thought this gag was funny. Then it dawned on me, red bull gives you wings. Ha. Sometimes I really wonder if I'm reaching just a little too far for a joke. . .
WOO HOOOOOO! Welcome back! Good to see you're still puttin' yer stuff out there! I like the color scheme!
Read my avatar's exclamation! XD
What a neat character idea! I really hope you expand and develop CarnWez. May I do a drawing of my interpretation of this character?
Heck yeah! Lookin' good!
Lookin' good!
Wooo hooooo! Lookin' forward to it!
The letter that says 'I hate your stinking guts, et al.' is a quote from the Little Rascals movie from 1994. I knew I knew it from somewheres. I had google find out for me though! It's a pretty good movie. This of course does not excuse or explain the TMI factor of this comic.

Perhaps, to quote Full Metal Jacket, it's,' so ugly it could be a modern art masterpiece!'?
Let's check it out!
Gadzooks! I can't wait to see how this resolves!!
And so the days continue to wind down to the first of September. As the magical day approaches, I become more and more anxious to leave Alaska. Now don't get me wrong! Alaska is beautiful and the winter isn't that bad if you dress for it. It's just that I long for the accessibility to the rest of the Union.

Although it was a little fun to try to figure out a way to upload mobile comics, I really don't like it and will only use it in dire comic making situations.

At anyrate, thank you for takin' the time to read my comics and stay tuned for more hijinks from Alex Normalday!

EDIT: Love the detail on the computer screen!
Happy camping! We'll get more when we get it.
Awesome! IMAX comic page! This passage of time in this story is so serene. These last several pages give me a feeling of the vastness and beauty of space. Well done, sir!
I can't believe I hadn't +faved this before! You're an amazingly talented artist, with a beautiful unique style.

Stay groovy!
Hey! Press! Thanks for the reference! I am humbled that you made mention of my work. :) /end 5 seconds of fame.

Stay groovy sir, and great review, btw!
I love where this is going!
LOL I love it!