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I'm a recent college graduate with a crappy job. I amuse myself by drawing silly comics. Yay!
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@pucha: Umm ... none of his books have actually been *published*
Oh, Domenico. You just never learn.
Hmmm ... I need new pens.
Look, it's a new story arc! And the League of Vampyres. They amuse me.
That lamp has moved closer to the bed in the last panel because it is actually a TRANSFORMER pretending to be a lamp. Not because I suck at continuity.
Man, don't you hate it when your ex-boyfriend shows up in the middle of the night and he's like, My friends are coming over and we're going to get high and do jello shots and listen to Lady GaGa, and you're like, No you're not, but it's too late because his friends are already there, and then you wake up hours later in a pile of someone else's vomit with penises drawn all over your face? God. Story of my life.
@Alea: physics-defying door defies physics :P
Yes, but did they smack the jeeveses? BAM! Blatant product placement. Give me candy, smackjeeves.
... I thought it was clever, frozen_shamrocks.
He keeps a tally of all the murders and suicides committed over him. Naturally. T_T
Okay, I promise this flashback will be a short one.
Sal Monella, I lol'd. And then I cried.
Little late with this one. Anyway, Abel and Caligula would have a lot to talk about.
@Alea: YES. I totally did not think of that, but YES.
@GrotesquePrince: You're surprised by this ... why?
Does Abel want to be Jessica Rabbit? It's quite possible.
Yes, it's true. Tokyopop has hired me to draw <s>porn</s> manga for them. I get paid per penis, so expect about ten of them on each page.
Whoops. Lucifer ended up looking a bit like Etienne. ^_^;
@Jazeki: i no rite?
tmi, Abel.
@Yuuki: Yesh indeed. She gets explained after this storyline.

Glad you guys like the wrongness ... ^_^;