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I'm a newbie with everything so don't hurt me! D;

Also I love sushi. ;D
<sub> Page 5 is finally done~
Sorry for taking a while.

We finally get to show you more characters~
Kasey, our bartender and the back of Lilith's head. xD
Thank you and Apology
<sub> I want to thank you for the 16 fans that we have gotten over the few months. It means a lot to me and Roxy-kins to have people interested in Bayne's Blood.

Also I deeply apologize for the lack of comics these few months. I have been really busy with conventions, school and computer viruses. I want to also apologize to Roxy-kins since I haven't been working BB and I'm so sorry about it!

I hope that this picture I drew can make up for the lack of updates for you the fans, and Roxy, and I will try my best to update more often. As I type this, page five is being drawn. Also you'll know who these characters are farther into the story.
<sub>Experimented with textures. Hopefully everyone is liking Bayne's Blood so far.
The second page of the two page update.
<sub> Sorry everyone for taking so long. This page was done quite some time but neither Roxy-kins nor I had the time to shade it. To make it up, we'll post up two pages >.<

*Sigh* I made Elijah look like a little kid. ):
No characters show up yet~
Also the comics after this page will be in grayscale/black and white so no colour works for awhile.
Woohoo! First page!
I'm so very excited to be able to start this comic with Roxy-kins.
I hope that people will like this comic and is excited as us.
We are both still so new to Smackjeeves so please be kind to us both. ^^

Also a quick question. Should Bayne's Blood be in colour or in grayscale? We have yet to figure that part out haha.
Holy crow! An update!!
YAY!i can't believed you updated and woot! i got first comment!
November 27th, 2008
LOL! everyone's together Yay! lol i'm going to laugh again at voltorb XD
awww that's so sad... were will she go now?
love ur comics cuz they are really funny and true. i will wait for a new update but plz make it soon
i can't wait for more. Boots is so cute