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I like everything and nothing. I especially love Stevens comics.
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Not surprised...
That dragon shoulda known better than to swallow a bomb...
I was wonderin the same thing, Brown...
Happy year that is not the previous one!
YAY! You back in bizness! And a new twist, how exciting!
Ya know, you're gonna hafta actually come here someday. :)
Ha, Vortexas. that a slight against texas? Hmmm. LOL I'm a lil sloooow.
I am laughing my ass off. Not just LMAO, but literally laughing. I love the cheese, oh great one! There's a reason I'm the MANDUFAN.
Greeeeaaaaat. Now that song will be in my head ALL day. Thanks Steven. =] But what a way to kill liches! (Does it work?)
She was pretty the whole green thing goin on.
I knew I liked this comic for a reason! I'm an avid reader, and a fan forever. You may be able to tell that by my name. =]
Yes, you are awesome at the super cheesy jokes, my once-nephew.
Toasted sandwiches, eh.
Not a fan of hot sandwiches. The toasty bread sometimes pokes my gums. Yes, I am a wuss. But soft bread will never hurt me.
Subway, all the way!
I think Quizno's is a bunch of hype. And yes, there was a princess finding compass. I think they already had it. Where'd it go? Oh, and the KISMET BISCUIT!!! Thats freakin hilarious.
"Never happened before"...hmmmm. Thats what they all say.
oooh, down, where its dark and dismal and damp. sounds like a party!
WOO HOO, in-laws rock!
The prodigal comic fan has returned!!! And has not been disappointed.
no excuses!
You are a comic writing macheeene. You must turn em out one after the other, funnier and funnier. No excuses!
Sheesh, he can't make balloon animals?! Whats he good for?