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'Ello! xD im guessing you are here to learn about the lovely cute chihiro? (or so i have been told. 'x')

Hmmm.... well lets see here.... To start off Im a third year artist. wait no 3.5 year now =o but still just starting to get better.

I am the auther of two comics that are on here. although they are both on haitus at the momment. =_= but im going to pick them back up and add a couple more once i get the chance.

And I also made the layout for Mystican Dreams! *.* so im co-auther of that one ^^;

but if you just wanna say hi go to mystican dreams and comment on the latest page saying your there to see Chi-chan! And i shall repley emidently! (since i spend most my life at my desk.... @^@)
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I have been silent long enough! i must now draw fanart!
hi sous! :D nice to see ya! did neve give ya the link or something?
ah i see. lol i guess my mind just wanders a bit to much for its own good.

i think inu some how got out of my closet >.> *checks* darn it he did! gonna have to draw another fan art and trap him AGAIN! how in heck does he get out? *looks at broken padlock*
ok question about last page, did they do it or did they just go swimming in their undies? O.o
Welcome to my latest comic! thanks neve for letting me use the doll!

Doll: me (windlea as the maplers know me) in the harem uniform of our guild
what have you accomplished in 2006?

i have entered the online world and grown to no longer be the stero typical high school girl that we see so much of in movies... now im kinda more the anime type girl... just more on the temper mentel and angry side O_o and yes i consider that an acomplishment.

ive also improved my status as an artest from a sucky newb to a mediom level still needs imporvment.

Best memory?

The look on my moms face when she saw me after i went shoping at hot topic

Resolutions for 2007?

.Draw draw draw! improve some more of course

.Break my sewing matchene from using it so much so i can buy a new one

.go to kamoricon, and sakura con. and if possible anime expo

.Finish my science project which i have had so many days to work on but yet i still procrastonate on it... and its due on tusday... O_o *draws like the wind* good thing i work well under pressure...
cool im in!
oooo o-o new guy! oh and guess what? today is my birthday!!! nov 2!!!!
xD coolio! i like that feeling it has to it. Not spoocky exactly but..... hm i dont know how to describe it.
yes that she is! But i cant even come close to you and rukia in art or anatomy =_= all though me and rukia both have a tad sloppy coloring skills we kinda match eachother on that.

and i see i see. ^-^ you dont have all that much free time on your hand then?
NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;o; oh how sad!!!! *cleans up the blood*

oh and um i dont know if you reply to comments or not because this is my first comment here i think but...

I HAVE ALWAYS LOVED THIS STORY! >-< done in true japanese form from right to left, wonderful anatomy, good spelling, good colirng, and wonderful shadeing!!!

once I saw you where a fan of Rukia-nee-samas work I just HAD to comment!!! ^-^
AT LAST! *glomps fathobbit* where have you been young laddy?! -_-

you have updated the other one but this one has gone ignored! i almost forgot about my inu! *glomps inu*
A FILLER?! NUUUUUUU!!!!1 Dx and i wanted to see what hapenss! *Crys*
oh my how scary it opend its eyes!!!!!!! O_O *hides*
pretty good. I like it a lot! xD plan to see some good stuff come out of this!
My my, what an over used word ant it? Oh well, this comic I HOPE is getting good.... Like I said, I HOPE it is.... ;.; ah well.
Drag queen! >-< awsome ness! But yeah, things are going to start to unvail. I have one other page being uploaded today. So check it out as soon as its up!
O__________________O;;;;;; oh my.
Ok im happy
So I lazed off a little... Well I did promiss a new comic on sunday and I worked on the layout on saturday so I think that makes up for it! ^-^ but yeah to Celibrate Chp2 there shall be a few miny comics

and A NEW Character is apearing in this chapter!!!!

O_____________O holly cheese!!!!