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well, my name is amy, and i like drawing, reading, writing and stuff like that. i also like video games and eating. im kinda random and i hate sharpening/colouring.
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definitely interested!!!!!
hahahahaha!! XD
January 20th, 2010
good luck with the haircut :)
aw, desta looks really sweet :)
yay, you're back :)
eeeerm, im gonna guess gakuen heaven (havent read it, only watched it) just coz you mentioned it earlier
i like your roses ^_^
wow, lovely shading
love it!
again; awwwwwwwwwwww <3
you're awesome at drawing eyes!
this comic is awesome! i hope you continue it!
heh heh, its funny to hurt him though :D
lol, the coffee's gonna spill all over danny.
i wish every other type of spam was like this....
er... is anyone gonna hate me if i say i like zach?
as long as there are love confessions, i will be happy...
3/4 chapters?
theres enough time for about 4 characters to admit their love for each other.
sorry, ignore me