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I am Holly, I win.
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Shuyin111 (Guest)
I never put serious things but..
I am proud of you! I was proud ever second you were doing ITI but right now all I can think is, thank feck she's doing something for herself! because if you feel shit about something then it's going to turn to shit. You're new comics will be amazing and they'll go further than ITI ever could. Physically watching your skill develop was like watching a child grow into an adult and thats what happened, so go forth and create your masterpiece of maturity!
EEEEEEZZZZZ YAYAYAYAY! and he has two eyes! yaaay
AHHH! not the "See Me", seeing that makes me feel shame and it's not even on my paper.
I love how accurate his face is to the omg gaary face we all pull
hehe I maid a pichoor 8B
haha I love Zee's expression! but what happend to his wicked ears? =[
Hoory for my birthday =]
omg ZEE! thats like the best celebrity guest appearance ever!
hooray for my birthday =D!
OMG ZEE! thats like best celebrity guest apperance ever!
wheres the dedication to my birthday huh? huh?!
haha I love it how Peter is having a break down, Sam is worried and Mickey is totally unfased
hahaha you're dads so funny
and this turned out great! remember when we did p.e haha faaail
haha pwn
oh my! hooray for conflict >=] beat dem homophobes to dah ground tony! use your abnormally strong arm!
you're on a roll!
and omg this page is one big ROFL X]
Please let Tommy be okay ;~;
and you should name your kitty Sally! haha but nemo is tonnes better ><
Lidia is so much cuter with bigger cheeks XD!
see if you re do this one like the others Mr Orange had better still be there >:[ mwahaha
aww he looks so cute =]
Don't listen to them aaid, as your self proclaimed bff I will tie you to your chair and make you work harder >:D
so just like everyother weekend? or when I get lost in the town hehe ><

just kiddering you don't stress yourslef out or I'll eat you =]
stoopid Sam~~ make up your mind!
took me ages and looks where it's gotten me D:!

also AAID do you want some skinnies that are a wee bit too small for me? they're brand new