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Hi I am Keetah/Maniac.

I love everyone.
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July 14th, 2013
Sorry Guys
Yeah, for those that didn't writer and I had a falling out. This comic was a collaboration of mutual friendship, and when that friendship turned toxic...the comic became more of a product of pain. I just can't work on it anymore because 1. I hurts, and 2.Half these characters belong to Adam, so it just not fair to the both of us to use them.

However, I have written out a detailed synopsis on how the story would have ended! That way you guys get some closure. If anyone wants me to explain or elaborate on anything, let me know and I will.

Keep an eye on my tumblr, cause I'm building a site for the current comic I'm working on, so I hope you'll enjoy that one.

Again, I'm sorry guys :(
Artist Commentary
The End of Chapter 4!

Uh OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH Looks like some plotting is going down!

Sorry for the page being late, I was in Washington D.C yesterday with my BFF and we had a real fun time <3
Artist Commentary

Sorry for being late, I worked a shift from hell this weekend.

Evil people doing evil things ohohoho. I tried mixing copic markers along with painting. It was weird but kinda neat at the same time.
Artist Commentary
Bob you really need to stop letting little kids ruin your conviction. Really.

In other news I got Benny, my cat spayed a few days ago! She's feeling better enough to play with some new toys I bought her <3 She also got her Distemper, FeLIV, and Rabies shots so that's all taken care of. She's laying next to me as I type this, dreaming <3

Tune in next week for more...things!
Artist Commentary
Way to change the subject Eva.

Eva also has 11 dogs, including Doobie. All Dobermans except for one singular Pomeranian that you will probably never see. A lot of them are missing limbs, or ears, or were mistreated, but Eva took them all in.

Brixton hates them because big dogs make big messes :x

3 pages left of this chapter!
Artist Commentary
Eva you dress like a slob.

And Bob asks the question that's been burning in everyone's minds.

I'd talk more but I've been sneezing all day damn pollen >(
Artist Commentary
You know when things are bizarre when the group's idiot makes the most sense.

And Doobie the dog is so happy to see everyone again <3

Hello everypony! *brohoof*

I was talking to my waifu, Applejack the other day, and I decided this comic was lacking. Lacking in PONIES! *brohoof* So all you fillies and gentlecolts will no longer need to suffer without your pony fix! So by Celestia's grace I have re-written the comic so that the cast will fit in Equestria! Now they will learn about magic and friendship instead of icky things like drama and grey morality!

So thanks for reading everypony! And sure you can come to Applejack and I's wedding! Just let me write a few emails to people on deviantart to tell them to stop drawing CLOP ART OF MY FIANCE GOD RESPECT MY WAIFU.

Credit to the background comes from the MLP vector group on DA. Thanks everypony!
@shadow7127 : Yep I have an FA! I don't upload Villain stuff on there though because dey hoomans.

@ClareSilver47 : Sorry! We'll be back in a month yes :)
Yuppers! Hiatus!
Hey you guys remember the donation drive I was doing to raise money for our car bills? Well Stellarmass won, so I'm taking a month off to draw as many comic pages for it as I can!

So the comic will be back April 6th. In the meantime you can watch my Tumblr, FA,and DA accounts to see pages appear! I don't have a seperate website built for it yet but I'll update here when It does! Sorry it's just I kinda need a breather too to draw another comic for a bit, but we will be back!
February 22nd, 2013
Artist Commentary

Oh my god hello Eva it's been like a YEAR SINCE I DREW YOU LAST JESUS.
February 15th, 2013
Artist Commentary
Not too long before this chapter is done!

Bawww I'm so bad at drawing cars I try so hard to reference them in real life but they are hard to wrap my head around for some reason. Maybe it's just I do better with more organic life and inorganic things like cars seem to escape me? I dunno but I know I need more practice blerg.
Artist Commentary
A NEW DAY IS DAWNING but someone isn't too happy a bunch of idiots escaped!

Work was a killer this week aauauauauauag.
Artist Commentary

Thanks for not skinning me alive guys for taking a long time to get back here! I'm still numb in parts of my face, but I get better every day!

Also yes Evadragon can breathe fire.


Also on the main page I still have a chipin widget to help pay to fix my fiance's car. If you go here you'll get more info about it :3
Artist Commentary
Just showing that Hazard isn't entirely defenseless. BUT saying that, he's still a kid, and isn't aware of some dangers sometimes. He also loves dogs so much WHY ARE THEY BEING MEAN HE JUST WANTS TO PET THEM ALL :,(

Also saying again, I'll be loopy next week due to getting my wisdom teeth cut out, so enjoy some kickass filler art next friday or so!
Artist Commentary
Well Benny messed up my scanner settings I use for Villain, so forgive me as I try to find them again! She likes to sit on my scanner when I try to scan things AND PRESSES BUTTONS UGH. SO I will replace this with a improved scan asap!

Also on the 14th I go in for surgery to get all my wisdom teeth removed, so I won't have a page that week obviously XD Instead I'll run some guest arts for that week!

Man I enjoy putting people you guy's like in danger. MUHAHAHA!
December 20th, 2012
Artist Commentary

I apologize to rottweiler enthusiast they have strange heads and they are hard to draw :<

There won't be a comic next week because Christmas week is hell in this household. Nobody ever knows what's going on so there shall be filler instead!
December 14th, 2012
Artist Commentary
Zal has done some pretty bad things in his past, but I don't think he's ever looted a dead guard's locker and took his ugly clothes.

Forgive any typos, my mind isn't quite here right now.

If you guys haven't heard about the Connecticut Elementary School shooting, some evil person killed 27 people in a school, 18 of them small children. Please please consider donating to the Red Cross or donating some blood. I'm not too sure what other charities are going to go down and help, but if you find any please support them too!
Artist Commentary
Hazard is no means a stupid kid. He just knows sometimes it's best to drop an issue.

And Shame on you Bobby, for lying so much to him >[ But still I can understand why.

And Benny the kitten is allowing me to illustrate these pages with less bites, so that makes me happy! Now he likes to just curl up at my side as I paint, and If i'm careful not to wake him he doesn't get so bitey!

Tune in Next week where we see Killy's awful attempt of cleaning himself up. Spoiler alert: He's hideous no matter what he does.