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a big kirby fan and hoping to make webcomics
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Respect the dead. Because 1. they could haunt you, 2.This one could haunt your childeren and 3.MJ was a Freaking good dancer.
OH NO!!! LUIGI IS TAKING OVER!! Sure its just a panel but you know what they say, "first a panel, then the strip, then the comic, then the world!"
Yes I will let him live (because I enjoy the way he tick the villain off). also the two cartoony eyes are actually one
pokemon would be better like this.
I wonder what Dedede's watching.
Lol pathetic goomba growl
It usually results in some one getting hurt(mainly Dusty)
Well I best get started on the next episode
wow, even villains have annoying flatmates.
September 17th, 2009
don't worry dr evul commited suicide he wasn't chucked out the window.
the background for battle has changed. i like it.
Sorry it's took so long but been busy. next one next week
I think they'll be ok cause kirby can float and the pappy bros can cling on
The tip is never ask kirby to pay up.
Don't send out pirana plant incase it eats the goomba
Image 6 is him flossing
i realy should return it now right?
Ok ok. Pretty please with a cherry on top with whip cream, sprincles, hot fudge sauce, cheese, ect may i join your comic i will be on my best behavior and i will have a nice pet to show you. Hows that
Plz can i join i will die if i dont and you don't want to get blamed for murder do you?
DJYosh remember that the background is lost so the dullest and simplelest colour must be used. in short a background less comic is white. P.S: I tripped over the background last year