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Roy the adventurer
I like to mostly play video games or do sprite making. But other times I'm probably sword fighting. Oh and I play magic the gathering.
I tend to like sonic and a couple of other characters like fox and link.
I'm also a nice person once you get to know me. But if you think you can mess with me, then you will wish you had never been born!
And I'm an american.
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Drinking!? You think I'm drinking?!...... *hides soda*
I think it should be a showdown between chuck norris and shade.
Then a showdown between flash and indiana jones. And shadow vs optimus prime. Etc etc
I don't know why but the shadowy figure looks like it might be a duck.
Thats nice. Got any steak?
*steals jasons gun* Falcoooon... *bangbangbang!*
nonono its sick in the head. not mad in the head.
Does this mean sonic is dead? Cause if so.. WOOT!!! NO MORE SUCKING GAMES!!!
Its sad really. This is only the beginning of what is to come.
Hey thats and edited version of the banner I made! Still cool though.
@ Dregan
K I'll try making it lighter colored or something like that.

Edit: Oh and the reason I just updated was cause I finally got permissions.
Now to work on the sprites for Roy.