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Electron the hedgehog
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    you will never know...
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@ TR33FR0G
Didn't we decide, like, 150+ comics ago that the final round will be "The void"?
that, sir, is an oxymoron.

...i like it.
what more is there to say?
what more is there to say?
i lol'd for about 5 minutes at the expression on Yoda's face.
sonic, thou shalt pwn those more patient than you... that's probably why i like him!

*7 1/2th COMMENT!!!!!!!!!!*
lolololololol. there anything else to say?

well... i could point out that Shadow and I share the exact same strategy, and the results are also identical.
hi, i love your comic. hilarious, and on my favorite subject. Star Wars!

-you have been commented-
yeah, where is the shoe? he's my favorite character!
and so, we take a break from the story to celebrate christmas...

...and kick it off with a trap!
no, that box IS the cardboard base.

... sorry, crazyfrog, but Eggman is WAY more pathetic in this comic than he is in most.
what?! aw, man... it took me an hour to get the quills right, and it didn't save it...

I'll get to work on that.
no, Daisy is the name of her bazooka. lol
It's really as simple as looking at the team leaders, but ok...

Electron the hedgehog= Speed.
Samantha the hedgehog= Power.
Midnight the crow= Flight.
A spritesheet of the power member of Team Energy (

i liek teh 1ns on teh bottom.

1st tutorial to come soon!

any questions?
yes, the war is over, for now, so you can expect a return of the recolors!!! in 3 flavors.