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Hi! My name's Mays and I love drawing, anime and procrastinating XD Sorry for my randomness. lol
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Sorry for the crappy page esp. with the last panel. Got lazy to finish inking and so...
This was supposed to be filler art but since I have no chapter cover...XD

This is meant to come after page 1 so don't freak out. *runs in circles shouting, "AAAHHH!!!"*
Sorry for the late cover XD I got the polka dot tones from

Ohoho so cheesy XD
@flyinfreako: Thank you! I think it's weird lol.
Page 1
No cover yet but I'm uploading page 1?! I'm too lazy to do the cover so yeah.

Sorry for the bad quality. This is my first time toning a manga XD
D: Do you do those things?!'re bad D:
emo page ftw
Ohoho cry Odette, CRY!!! *shot*
WHAT?! oh, it's the 7th.
lol Mr. Polligon XD
Lol kachi! kachi! I wanna see Ryoma doing that XD
ROFL XD The last panel is... XD
kachi! Lol XD
Almost a year? Awww...
Lol poor 'em ahahahahaha XD
@flyinfreako: "chil-lax ka lang po lola." is like "Just relax, granny."
December 21st, 2009
That was a nice yet tragic story *cries*.
Advanced Halloween! This was an entry for a contest, actually XD
I like it too. When I saw the name, I thought it was something so serious, but when I read it--NICE!
November 6th, 2008
i agree with tru7h_hurts, this is awesome. I like how you draw stuff.