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Autumnal foliage and bicycles are an excellent combination. It sounds like bubble wrap except it's leaves.
In addition to generating less waste, you also get 10 cents off your purchase at Starbucks.

Here's a nice wallpaper size:
But being Asian will.

Every other person standing in line at Starbuck's this morning was well over 6 feet. It was really odd.
Time to step up your game!
What are you doing with YOUR life?
This is what rap music is about.
Our friend brought us a house centipede in a tupperware, and I wasn't sure whether to be pleased or repulsed, but for some reason it reminded me of how royalty used to give each tigers and stuff as gifts. Yeah, I have no idea where that came from, but it made for an amusing mental image.
You can do this with any piece of square fabric, though a scarf is nice because you can wear it too. This is just a very simple method; if you google "furoshiki"you can find a bunch more, including some cool object-specific techniques.
I heart jumping in puddles :)
I've been sick all week, and when I woke up yesterday, my voice was just GONE. I thought I would sooth my ailment with a nice chai tea latte, and this is what happened. Not fun.
Springtime and fresh air just feel so good.

And sometimes things just make sense.

From a conversation with my roommate :)
Never expect a cat to prepare your lunch.
February 27th, 2010
It's a pun: impatiens/impatience
I can has springtime? Cold is not so fun.
I figured out that a coffee maker is not necessary for making coffee if you have a funnel, coffee filters, and a tea kettle.
My favorite part about washing dishes is when bubbles start rising out of the drain :)
My roommate has trouble waking up in the morning.