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I've come back to smackjeeves. After probably +10 months of not posting anything or making comics, I return. I returned because 2 jerkwads who used to be my friends just started following me on Roblox and calling me names. I think they'd never come after me on smackjeeves, so here I am. I'm moving to a new account : SonicBoom01 on this site, so check there, mkay?
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O_o Is that who I think it is?
If you have Diamond/Pearl/Platinum, a Wii, a DS, and Pokemon Battle Revolution with all the Arenas beaten, you can get a Pikachu in D/P/Pl that knows Surf, and Volt Tackle, AND when you use Surf in Battle Revolution, it rides a surfboard.'s flipping Reidy's female form. Just look at the coloration of it (From the Happy Spriter's Day Guest Comic on Whip and Reidy TV), and it has spines on it like Reidy's original male form!
Y'know, I think I might join. It'll be fun :D
SB1's Thoughts of the Players
Sepiroth - Glad he got out quick, still gotta love him for making Luke thing he was going to be the first Survivor Fatality.
Ella - Dumbest, yet smartest, plan ever.
Jez - Instant Fire Starter.
Shiki - Mixed up the game, and kinda finished some players off.
Rebecca - How can you lose in a trivia game TO P.BEAR?!?
Trent - He got hurt almost EVERY time we saw him.
Lucky - Akuma's character who beat out Akuma HIMSELF. That takes skill.
Julia - Eh, was Rebecca's clone, kinda.
Riku - Yup. The merge, and Shiki's switch-up, killed him.
Bulma - No comment.....
Marc - Devious, got Luke to join him by voting off Jez. Smart move, but if Luke found out....
Joe - I bought the hat he stole from Jeff off of E-Bay for 500 Dollars :3
Knuckles - Dumber than the games. How can you give the idol... TO MINERVA?!?!?
Kala - Mr. Sandman and Happy Stick were the best side things EVER!!!
Minerva - Should've been out right after Sepiroth.
P.Bear - I liked him without his shades. He looked cooler :3. And he also won in the best way ever : Taking a Nap in a Trivia Challenge. XD
I come from FARTHER in the future XD
July 10th, 2009
*holds up Sega Genesis and original copy of Sonic 1*
Check. Mate.
It's the end of it all..... and it only took 2 years XP
Punch-Out TKO Ending
*Vas charges his punch*
*everything slows down*
*Vas punches Stew in slow motion*
Stew : *in slow motion* Auuuuuughhhhhhhh.......
*random announcer guy comes out and everything returns to normal speed*
Announcer : It's over! It's over! TKO!
Red Panda. I knew since I made a character that was a Red Panda for a fan fic.
*stops chewing up one of the eggs* Those poor digiwhats? *shrugs and continues eating*
I wanna play this game <:O
Blueberry P.Bear :P
Megaman's expression in the 3rd panel is PRICELESS XP
I remember this challenge from season 1! If I do recall, Hogan won season 1's version of it.
If you ever put commentary from the past players on these, Sky would be PERFECT for this one.
It's the guys that looked like they were underwater in Episode 2!
May 23rd, 2009
Smackjeeves Burgers, made with parts of your favorite authors and comics :3
Redo, because it causes a tie >:)

Votes :
Redo - 2 (not counting my vote)
Both - 2
Kirby and the Star Warriors - 3 (both korbeh and weaver used it as a back-up plan)
ZOMG!!! IT'S POC!!!!