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Ursula Minor
It must find the thing called biscuits. It will do science to it.
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black and white right now while I get back on track!!!
Comics return next week - sorry for the unschedualed break!
I guess discussion is not on the menu.
I can probably let you live IDONTKNOWCORP. ^_^
auspicus comic
... if you're a geek that is. Horry for 42!
Mary should be worried I guess
Thanks guys ^_^
... This was much to ambitious for my own good, but I've been planning for this page since the begining. Here are pages 38 and 39 ^_^. A high contrast version of this page is available in the new 'Extras' section of the site.
New Page. Felix dosen't seem terribly concerned that he's sharing a room with a self confessed gun weilding shooter....
I will get on track!
Abandoning soft shading for the moment till I get back on track. This working+doing comic thing is harder than I thought It would be.
(Probably shouild have posted this comment earlier)

Its flashback time!!!! Hopefully you all recognize Felix, but I hope this all makes sense by next week . I'm currently in the process of moving houses and changing cities, but the next page is almost ready to go, so updates should continue.
Oh man, Chapter two is almost over! That means a double update next week with the endpage and the Chapter three cover, so stay tuned!

Also, I realized during the course of this page how much of a pain all those layers actually were. I'm really glad she wasn't wearing a three peice suit...
The nanites she has seem to be best attracted to cosmetic damage (so things that break the skin) else they seem to be pretty slow in doing their job. so yes
Horry for bad .gif compression! This officially marks the end of Chapter 2!
Font is from Dafont; Impact Label by Micheal Tension.
Photo is my own.
In case you missed it, the chapter two end page was also posted today
Image resolution fail
The file for this page got corrupted somehow, so there are some minor problems with resolution and some messy greyscaling I didn't get a chance to fix. But, such is life. Hopefully I'll be able to fix this at a later date
I had loads of fun with the middle and second to last panel -when they weren't trying to make me eat my own hat. I've been wanting to do that second last one for weeks.
... It's the small things you look forward to I guess...
This was the page that WOULD NOT COME. Besides all the trouble the composition gave me, I must have rewritten the dialouge twelve or thirteen times - I almost completely scrapped it twice.
Either way, it's out now so enjoy ^_^