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i love to draw, and read. mostly draw!!! YAOI!!!!!!!
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Happy Late Easter
holly crap an update! :o
sometimes i put food in my apron at work and call it my snack pouch.
Hey hey hey! it's a Lumic! Stay tuned next week for another one! Same time. Same place!
Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween everybody! Never forget your Drifloon when trick or treating!

Yay for an update! I haven't forgotten about this webcomic! Being out of school and trying to make a living is taking up more time then i thought. -_- huff puff.

dont forget to check out my tumblr
My deviant
and i guess thats it!

Happy Halloween!
Happy Halloween everybody! Never forget your Drifloon!

Yay for an update!
*gasp* This comic is so lovely!! LOOOOOOOOVE!!
The sad part is that i really said potato instead of love...the dinosaur suit is an added bonus.
Thank you for noticing that it is from Shaun of the dead! That is what i was going for.

Very unoriginal!
I have always wanted a pet zombie...but i am not sure why.
I am pleased
The sad part is that i really did that in my first class...i wanted to start class early so that i could leave early. People did notice that the clock was off but we still went by it anyway. FTW!
Not going to lie...i have a unicorn pillow pet that i am scared of...but it is so snuggly i dont have the heart to give it away.
I have a new webcomic
I just started a new webcomic called "Lumics". It is about my everyday life!

Dont forget to join the DA group:

and if you like Dont Be Afraid the join the DA group:

I have a tumbler account so if you have one give me a link!
i love the smell of new comics!
This is how i walk up some days. -_- This cat doesn't understand that the world doesn't revolve around him. oh wait...that is most cats.

His name is Starbuck and yes...he only has three legs!!
This was my real reaction when i read this lie!

It's only funny if you know that i call myself Luna 18yearsoccurssaturdaynight
I am sorry that i haven't been updating! I know you guys have heard it all. I have been busy with work that i need to get done so that i can graduate this May!! *does happy dance*

I am not sure when i will update again. I am on spring break so i do have a little extra time but i want to use that for my independent projects.

i will keep you guys updated!

February 27th, 2011
Hmm this is an interesting chain of events.
Sooooooooooo Genericon was great!! There were so many people there who dressed as Hetalia Characters! XD It made me really really happy! He is a picture of me as Greece from Hetalia!

Hannah and Seth are so special. I <3 them so much.

sbdrag- I am guessing that if he were to ever have a cat he would name it Hannah. XD He would so do that!!

ArtistGrace- Seth is the type of guy that would name a boy Hannah! It is just who he is!
OMG OMG OMG!!! WHAAAAAA!!! O.O i hope they get away!!
February 19th, 2011
WHAAAAAAAAA!!! This is getting so "edge of the seat" kind of story right now!! XD I LOVE IT!!!
Huff puff!! Okay so i am sorry about not updating last week. i am still trying to juggle the webcomic with this workload. *dizzy* i am doing my best!!

Oh! if any of you are going to Genericon at RPI in Troy, New York i will be there selling bookmarks at artist ally!! ^^ Most of them will be Dont Be Afraid but i will also do some that are non webcomic related like Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Batman, Hetalia, and others. i will be going as Greece from Hetalia!! LET ME KNOW IF YOU ARE GOING TO BE THERE!!! ^_____^

Oh because of this i will not be posting next Sunday!