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((Two pages uploaded today, this page and the last page! And this is a long comment!))

Last page of this chapter! I gave them a Pokemon ending, haha.

As a reminder, this chapter was me messing around with Inubasket's characters. Check out her comic to see what really happens with them!

And finally, I hoped I had the next chapter ready but I started it over about half way through :( I don't know when I'll put it up. I want to have a real good buffer this time!

Until then, join me on Tumblr? Ask me questions, give me prompts, say hi, whatever. :)
Two pages uploaded today! This page and the next page.
Looks good so far!
@Nekomata-chan: Sorry I couldn't do better... I don't really draw animals, let alone pokemon :P Still, I hope you like it. ^^
@LuckMouse: Thank you so much!
The results!
Yes I do like this! This is my first secret santa here and this put a big smile on my face! :D Thank you so much!
Erica saw the make-up station and felt that maybe getting Morgan's make-up done will help make her feel better! :3
That's probably something she'd say.
make-over time :P
Bah! I'm falling behind u_u;;
Been playing too much Pokemon and Minecraft...
Queen won the laser tag game! Brianna's not too happy about that, hehe.
@Almightyra: lol, true! i don't know why!
The game came down to Brianna and Queenie. Who will win in the end? :o
Kyle tried to save Erica but Brianna ended up getting her anyway. xD
Some silly over-dramatic moment~
I wonder who will be the winner of this game. xD
She should have got him first xP
September 25th, 2013
Pretty eyes. ^^