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September 30th, 2010
I love your art and this sounds like it will be an awesome read. I'm Canadian too :) Good luck
Told ya I'd come back ;)
This is the most current page. I've decided to update this comic again. Hope you can come back to read it :)
Notice a difference? This page was completely done in manga studio. Sorry about the small text. I fix it in the next page.
This is an old page from over a year ago. I fell behind. I'm sorry. Please check for the next 2 pages
Hey everyone. I hope you have a Merry Christmas today. This is something I whipped up today with my day off. Work has slowed Ethereal down, but I'm trying to bringing it back. Hopefully it will resume in the new year.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays~!
Seriously, hospital food sucks. So do worms....
Mmm hospital food :p
Happy Halloween! These are the kids I've just introduced, except the Spiderman kid. He comes later. If you missed it, please check back a page for yesterdays update too :)
Fear the many paper cranes. :0

Also, look for a Halloween pic tomorrow. :D
Ja ne
Hey everyone, this is just a picture to say I'm off to Japan for 2 weeks and won't be updating until I'm back. I'm seeing my friend in Nara and also visiting Hiroshima where my character Kari is from. The paper cranes will also be a part of the story soon. See ya!
This is a great comic so far. I really like the art and the story
Haha, that made me LOL
No, this isn't the end end- its the end of the chapter. The story's just getting started actually. I'm glad you like it :)
Thank you for your comment. I'm glad you like the story so far. Its almost two years old now so I'm glad you think the art is improving. Its my only real practice ^^
Thanks again and take care, hope you like the rest. :)
I started on Drunkduck about 6 months before going to Smackjeeves. I have a pretty big fanbase there, and I'm moving up in the rankings now that I actually update on some sort of schedule. That was my biggest problem, but lately I've found ways to get my updates faster.
Thanks so much for the suggestion for the spotlight. That was really kind of you :)
Hi there. I'm glad you like the story. I feel so isolated here on smack jeeves since I don't have a yaoi comic, if you want to see more try my drunkduck page. I celebrate it more there :p
Marissa believes that Angela lied to her just because she hadn't told her that she was sick. Its a pretty big secret to keep and its devestating. I'm writing a bit from experience. Thanks for the nice comment :)
Oh so pretty colours. Long time no see! Update on Drunkduck! This site doesn't like me and I feel flooded by BL :P
Very nice doujinshi so far. It almost looks exactly like Arina Tanemura's art except sorta chibified and skinnier characters. Good work :)
Aw, she's just worried, and Marissa keeps ignoring her. She'll make more sense in the next page whenever I get to doing it. I've been pretty busy :p