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Poet Gypsy
I'm D- I'm super into manga and anime, and anything Japanese. I'd like to think of myself as a Japanophile in a way (just...not in a pervy way) I'm currently trying to teach myself Japanese, also.

I play guitar and a bit of a piano, and I'm in a band with my brother, who plays the drums. (it's all supposed to be kept hush-hush, so don't ask about it, ok?)

If you wanna know more about me, and my work, feel free to contact me. I love meeting new people, so don't be afraid to IM me or email me or something! ^_^

Current Projects:
My Pet - Hiatus, due to lack of materials
The Eggs - Hiatus, due to lack of materials
For You (Vocaloid fancomic) - Currently in script phase
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Poet Gypsy
October 24th, 2008
Yes, an actually page! And lookie there- a screen tone!

And I'm aware of the fact that the text bubble in the last panel looks weird...I don't know why, but it'll look better in future pages.


..does that tone look weird for a wall? Um...I'm new at this... >.>
Yes, FINALLY I have the cover of chapter 2 up. Featuring our lovely Vlad...I intended to color this, actually, rather than inverting the colors. But, I decided that I'd just start a theme of all the covers being black with white lines, like this. I'm actually REALLY happy with how this came out...

Pages will be coming soon, I promise!

This was done by Angie, she's...she's amazing- she really is. This was so freakin' hilarious.

She's the lil chibi, in case you didn't catch that. ^_^

These are the first sketches I did of Shay with his new haircut- I hope it looks good.

Again, I'm just giving you readers a little something before chapter 2 begins (which may very well be SOON).

My wonderful friend, Angie, drew this for My Pet. She's a fan of it- and felt compelled to draw Shay! Which was weird, because a few days ago, I drew the first official sketch of Shay with his new haircut- COINCIDENCE!?

Since My Pet is on a SHORT HIATUS right now, I thought you few readers might like to see a little something posted here in the mean time.

ALSO, Angie and I have started a comic duo called YUM, and we're working on a comic. You can see more of her art work at and I'm sure she'll be posting the pages of the comic as she draws them. So check it out! :D

I <3 fan art!!! ^_^
Yes, chapter 1 has finally come to a close after almost a full year since it's first premiere on September 1, 2007.

It's changed a lot, and I'm glad for that. I hope it will continue for many more chapters, and I hope you readers keep enjoying it. I'm going to try my hardest!
That's unreadable! XD
Yeah, in the last panel, our heroine, Krysten, is saying "OK...that cleared nothing up." but the scan cut off a bit of the page. Sorry!
Poet Gypsy
February 27th, 2008
What's all this then? "Mr. von Helsmith's" eyes have turned red. He seems angry at poor sweet little Minu.

As the story progresses, color becomes ever more important. You'll get a taste of it in the next page or so. I find it odd, since it's a black and white comic, but color is important. Go figure.

Sorry about some of the smudges, I forgot to let the ink dry before erasing some parts...

And Mr. von Helsmith (he won't be called this for long, by the way) doesn't look quite as angry as I wanted him to. But alas. I like how his eyes and fangs came out though.
Uh well, lesse...I think I'd like to see Deian x Melia! That's my vote, right thar!

The comic is really awesome by the way. I just started reading it a few days ago, and I'm already a huge fan! ^_^
Um so...yeah?
I don't know if it was really...drawn out that well, but in the first panel, Gerard is leaning back against the wall. In the fifth panel, Diane is doing the same thing. And in the 6th panel, it was supposed to show that Diane had leaned back, and touched Gerard. In the panel, she's leaned against his arm, or something...and in the 7th panel, she shot forward to stop touching him. Not that she doesn't WANT to touch him...she's just so nervous and flustered. Poor thing...

Also, I edited part of the writing in the 9th panel. I forget the exact words, but I just felt that this...sounded better than what was written...I probably won't make anymore changes to the script from here on out.

Oh and I left the "13" at the bottom! I meant to erase it! Gah, sorry v.v
Minor edits
I changed, very slightly the script for this. The line that says "You're in your pj's too, you know" was actually "You're in your pj's too, in case you haven't noticed" It was changed because it wouldn't fit in the bubble...

And where he says "We're even" it was supposed to say "We're equal" but I felt the "k" sound in "equal" was too...jagged, for the mood. I felt that "even" was more smooth, and fit the moment better. So that's my only contribution to the writing XD
Uh yeah, sorry it took...3 months to post this. I've had it done since...right after I did the last page, but I've been buys with school and I just kept forgetting I had it. BUT, I made a to-do list, and finishing the comic/first chapter is on it. I think it's like...number 4 on the list though, lol! But I finished 1, and there's only 6, so I should get to finishing it soon.

This picture did not turn out so very crisp...I don't know why, something about saving it as a jpeg ruins the quality. But it's legible, that's the main thing.

And I'm so sorry the last panel looks like vomit, I swear it looked half normal in the pencil. Sharpie ultra-fine point markers SUCK for outlining, and I had to use them for the last 3 pages (including this one). But I'll be getting my FAVORITE outliner pens tomorrow. Sweet, non-bleeding Papermate outliners. Yay X3 So the quality of the pages will hopefully be better.

Also, the art itself should look somewhat improved...It's been 3 months since I actually drew this page, and I've been drawing and hopefully, improving. So yeah, it should looks a shade or two better.

That is all! Please enjoy the page, and if I don't upload for a while, please don't hesitate to give me a poke to remind me of my work! Thank you!

P.S. On the 6th panel, there's a little box there, and you probably can't read what I wrote there, but it just says "uh-oh". And on the 7th panel over G's head, it says "TEXAS = BIG", which is why I titled this comment that. I thought it was funny. Originally I had drawn the state of Texas there, but then, after about a day past FOREVER trying to draw it right and finally getting it to a way I was happy with, I realized "Hey...won't the speech bubble just cover the drawing?" Major ditz move there, lol! So that's why it says "TEXAS = BIG"
wow. uh ok?
Yeah I um...accidentally made the dark layer go over the text bubbles. I usually don't do the bubbles and text until AFTER the gray layer, but I did it differently this time. It was easier though, so that's good.

I think this looks better though...with the bubbles grayed out as well. It makes it seem...I don't know, darker? What do you people think?
wow, just let THAT cat outta the bag...oh well, lol!

And I'm glad you like my face in the three panels I'm in ^_^
Finally! I've had this done since Sunday, and haven't posted it until now...I fail. I'm sorry.

Oh and look! He doesn't look the same in every panel. He just vaguely resembles what he did in the panel before. Continuity be darned!
For whatever reason, the page didn't turn out as crisp as I wanted...oh well.

And that last panel, it's supposed to be lightning striking and illuminating the room. I don't know if that got across too well, so sorry if it didn't.!
K, I left off a few bubbles...but they would have contained such things as "Nnn...", "Ugh..." and/or "*grunt*". They were left off because...I forgot them. I truly forgot. I'm too much of a lazy bug to fix it. There are SO many pages to draw, I can't be bothered with forgotten grunts!

This took...a couple of hours to do. I kept having to re-do the second and third, a lot. It was frustrating. I'm pretty happy with this page, all things considered.

Also...uh, that first panel? It's supposed to be yet another thunder sound effect. And it's not black, because lightning is striking right now. When lightning is present, the dark layer will be erased on that particular panel. Just to show that...well...the room is being lit up? Anyways...enjoy!
*gasp* she missed!
Yes...she freaking missed she shall be brutally murdered!! Or will she?

Look at the fancy way I'm portraying darkness now? Nice, eh? And look at the pretty text!! I couldn't get the "thought bubbles" to work right, so I'm just going to have gray speech bubbles and text to represent a when you see gray, she's thinking! (even though in the last panel the bubble is black with gray text...)

Suspensful, no? Who IS that man in her bed? And why is he there? And what, pray tell, is going to happen to our heroine!?
Weird way to express darkness...
The last few panels were supposed to let you know that the power has gone out. And I colored over it with black colored pencil...doesn't look too good. I have a new method to do it, so no more worries, it will look better.

And the KA-BOOM and R-R-RUMBLE KA-BOOM was supposed to represent thunder, and when D is holding her hand up, she's supposed to be sheilding her eyes from the lighting. Since the blinds on her window aren't down, it makes it really bright...
Yay bubbles!!
*if you don't know who Eddie is, and don't want to wait to see him introduced (and it won't happen for a while) please go look at my other comic "I Know What You Want".

I finally figured out how to make speech bubbles on GIMP, so yay! No more paint!! I can't download the text I wanted to use, and I really didn't want to use Comic Sans MS, and I saw this font here. I liked it, it was kinda cute to me, but really good. So I deceied to use it.

I think the black around the bubbles may be too thick, so I'll make sure to make them a touch thinner later on...All in all, I'm happy with this page.

Also, that second panel- I'm REALLY proud of it because I suck to bad at sideveiws and I wasn't even planning on making it a sideveiw but it just happened, and it looks really good. To me it looks good anyway.

And now, to draw more pages!!